Effective treatment arthritis homemade packs

The disease can affect one joint and several. Pain in the joints significantly increases with movement. On examination revealed redness and swelling. Movement in the joint is carried out not in full. Reasons why there is inflammation, to name a few. This:

  • infection;
  • injury;
  • metabolic disorders;
  • allergies;
  • problems in the Central nervous system;
  • the lack of certain types of vitamins.

Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis involving the use of a large amount of drugs of various groups. This type of arthritis relates to the most severe. To cure this pathology only to apply a compress will fail, but to improve the condition of the patient is possible. Usually bouts of the disease accompanied by severe pain, remove that can only painkillers that should influence negatively on other organs and systems. In this case, the compress relieves pain, will be very useful.

Gouty arthritis often affects smaller joints. It develops due to the accumulation in them of crystals of uric acid. This begins the destruction of the cartilage layer. Pain is one of the symptoms. Arthritis affects not only the joints of the lower extremities. Arthritis fingers symptoms pronounced. The finger joints are red and swollen. The patient is difficult to perform many types of work due to changes in the joints caused by the disease.

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Very effective arthritis treatment is warm compresses, which are placed for a few hours, ideally overnight.

How to make a hot compress for arthritis?

The easiest poultice made from ordinary emplastrum sinapi, applied on diseased joint. In this way treated large joints. Arthritis of the knee compress can be very useful, but cannot substitute for the full treatment.

Very often, in order to ease joint pain and reduce the intensity of the inflammatory process, it is recommended to use flax seeds that retain heat well and can warm the joint during the whole night. To achieve the desired therapeutic effect, it is necessary to warm them in a pan or in the microwave.

Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis carried out by means of compresses using pulp from horseradish, turnip and black radish. Slurry can be done if:

  • roots grate on a fine grater;
  • mince.

Of particular interest may cause the recipe honey-alcohol compress, arthritis it will help reduce pain and swelling. To prepare the compress, you need to mix 200 g of honey, half Cup of vodka, radish juice and 1 tbsp of salt, which are all used in cooking. This mixture is gently rubbed into the joint.

To achieve maximum effect, it is best to treat after a bath. This mixture can be used both topically and orally 100 ml before bedtime.
est ex sulphuric acid, quae necesse est esse, mixta oleo in proportionem

No less popular from arthritis of the knee joint recipe salt compress. To obtain this mixture, take 1 tbsp. spoon of salt and dissolve it in 1 liter of boiled water. Separately mixed with 0.5 Cup of 10% ammonia and 10 g of camphor alcohol. Thereafter, the alcohol compound with saline connect. Capacity, where to store the mixture must be tightly closed and the contents well mixed. In the mixture should not be white salt flakes. This mixture of urine cotton fabric, which is then superimposed on the joint. Top for warming knee wrap with cellophane and a warm scarf. Such a compress on the joints recommended to do in the period of exacerbation of the disease 2 to 3 times a day.

The following mixture for a compress is also based on honey and vodka, but is added 70 ml of aloe juice. Honey for mixing you will need about 100 g of vodka and not less than 250 ml. Vodka compress always perfectly warm the knee joint, relieves swelling.

Together with honey to prepare a medicinal compress, you can use dry mustard and any vegetable oil. All the components are mixed in a receptacle and heated over medium heat almost to a boil. This mixture is applied compress. The joint is also necessary to insulate the cellophane and the wool scarf. The exposure time should not exceed 2 hours.

Instead of alcohol and vodka to be used in conjunction with honey cinnamon. For the treatment with 0.5 Cup of honey diluted with a glass of warm water and to this mixture is added 1 tsp of cinnamon powder. In the mixture do not add water, then honey and cinnamon taken in equal parts. The mixture is simply rubbed into the joint region and to bundle up.

The following mixture must be applied with caution, as it is composed of sulphuric acid, which must be mixed with olive oil in the ratio 1:2. The capacity of these two components must be very tightly and leave for the day.

Stir the contents of the tank is not recommended. This mixture is necessary to lubricate sore joints. After 15 minutes, the knee is served with a clean cloth, which must be fixed with a bandage. To do this procedure every day until then, until the pain goes away and the swelling will not disappear.

Some people have skin sensitive to the mixture. To do this compress is not. Injured skin needs to quickly process vegetable oil. If the patient wishes to use that recipe, it may try to take smaller amount acid. But a second procedure can be done in just a few days. A compress applied at night.

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Compress, which you can easily do at home, is prepared from potatoes. It's great relieves pain and inflammation. A mixture of raw potatoes is done quickly: the tubers are cleaned and RUB on a small grater. Pulp, is placed on the joint, then put the cellophane and wrap a warm scarf or a scarf. Potato poultice is done for the night.

A compress of cabbage leaves

A compress of cabbage leaves, does not require large financial costs. In addition to leaf cabbage need honey. Cabbage leaf must be heated over steam or in the microwave. Then quickly smear it with honey and put on the aching joint. Placed on top of the film and a warm headband. 3 course joint pain is completely eliminated.

Used to treat and chalk. For this purpose it is necessary to mix with the yogurt until a thick slurry, which is applied on the inflamed area, then wrapped with cellophane and a warm cloth. Pain relief immediately after the first wrap.

A compress of vodka and turpentine

Another effective poultice for arthritis consists of equal parts vodka and turpentine. Both substances will need 100 g. in addition to the mixture is added 2 tbsp of sunflower oil. Further, in this mixture of urine gauze or a clean cloth and put to the affected joint. Put the tape and a layer of insulated fabric. Usually to facilitate the patient's condition requires about 6 treatments.

A constringi vodka et turpentine

Before resorting to a particular recipe for a compress, you should always consult with your doctor, as many substances used for treatment, can cause allergies.

Before applying makeup it is recommended to apply it on a small area of the skin if signs of an allergic reaction, you can proceed to the treatment of the joint. Compresses in rheumatoid arthritis will help to get rid of many unpleasant symptoms.