Rheumatoid arthritis of fingers

Arthritis is one of the most unpleasant diseases, which could face the modern man. Fortunately, today there are a huge number of ways to get rid of him. In this article we will explain what is rheumatoid arthritis of the fingers, the first symptoms, drugs for treatment and home remedies.

rheumatoid arthritis

Why developing rheumatoid arthritis?

Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic degenerative disease characterized by the occurrence of inflammation of the synovial membrane (feeding, protecting and covering cartilage) of the joints and surrounding tissues. Sometimes the disease originates not inside the joints and damages internal organs and systems – heart, kidneys and lungs. Therefore, among other things, arthritis and even systemic disease.

It affects the joints, than in other parts of the human body, mostly in the most movable, such as hands and feet, elbows, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles, fingers.

The cause of the disease is unknown. Infections, bacteria or viruses have long been under study. And although in some cases it is possible to trace a certain connection between them and disease, there is no precise evidence.

Experts believe rheumatoid arthritis the brush may have a genetic origin, as the immune system attacks the joints, not recognizing their own, causing them inflamed. The phenomenon is known as autoimmune disease. In addition, it is believed that certain proteins passed on a hereditary manner, can contribute to disease.

Differences in the frequency of the disease cause experts also suggest that there are environmental factors that intervene in the onset of the disease.

If the inflammation remains progressive and is not controlled, it causes damage to bones, ligaments, and tendons around your hand, which in turn likely will cause progressive deformity of joints and loss of ability to perform daily activities and movement. These issues affect the quality of life of patients.

The types of pathology

Arthritis includes over 100 rheumatic diseases and conditions, and the most common is osteoarthritis. Among other common forms can be distinguished from lupus and gout. Common symptoms consist of pain, stiffness and inflammation in the joints and around them. Some forms of the disease, such as rheumatoid and lupus can affect different organs and cause General symptoms (fever, dizziness etc.).

One way to distinguish rheumatoid arthritis from other types of disease pattern of affected joints. For example, rheumatoid affects the wrist and many of the joints of the hands, but does not affect the joints closest to the nails. On the contrary, osteoarthritis, a more common type of disease most often affects the joints is closer to nails than other areas of the brush.

arthritis symptoms

Joints that can be affected by RA include:

  • elbows;
  • shoulders;
  • neck;
  • jaw;
  • of the thigh;
  • knees;
  • ankle;
  • feet.

The first signs and symptoms

World society of rheumatology leads us to the following list of symptoms rheumatoid arthritis of hands:

  • pain;
  • swelling;
  • temperature rise;
  • the restriction of movement;
  • morning stiffness;
  • extra-articular manifestations (dizziness, loss of appetite, fever or fatigue).

Now take a closer look at the course and symptoms of the disease. In the first place, rheumatoid arthritis of the hands starts gradually, slowly and with frequent extra-articular manifestation of other signs.

However, the main symptom of the disease is the damage to blood joints. Initially there is inflammation, visible to the naked eye and causes pain in humans. Along with inflammation appear signs of rheumatoid arthritis of the hands: increased stiffness after a night's rest, passing gradually, as the patient carries out daily activities. In addition, there are muscular weakness and limitation of motion.

Can appear hard lumps (rheumatoid nodules) in places of contact of skin with the bone in places: the elbows, the back side of the fingers and toes.

If the disease is at an advanced stage, the patient may be some deformation due to progressive deterioration of the affected joints. It develops and affects the vital organs such as kidneys, lungs.

Arthritis often causes dryness of the skin and mucous membranes. This happens due to the inflammation and subsequent atrophy of the glands that produce tears, saliva, digestive juices or bile.

Diagnosis of arthritis

rheumatoid arthritis of the fingers diagnosis

Although there are no specific tests for rheumatoid arthritis no symptoms, treatment, and diagnosis of the disease of the fingers when pathology is relatively simple. If the patient goes to a rheumatologist with suspected rheumatoid arthritis of the hands, it is likely that complaints of pain. If the disease is at an early stage, diagnosis is more difficult, as the symptoms may not show up in laboratory tests as the assessment of the disease is mainly clinical. Diagnosis is made on the basis of a number of signs and symptoms. The problem of diagnosis lies in the fact that there are other rheumatic diseases such as lupus or psoriatic arthritis, which in the early stages it is easy to confuse with rheumatoid.

During the evaluation, the rheumatologist can perform a series of additional studies to facilitate diagnosis

  • blood test;
  • tests for rheumatoid factor, C-reactive protein;
  • test for detection of antibodies (these antibodies are present in two thirds of patients with this condition);
  • x-rays to detect the presence of nodules and erasing surfaces of bones.

The physician visually determines the selected articular manifestations of finger deformities: the so-called fin walrus, the neck of Swan in rheumatoid arthritis – the most common of them.

Predictions for patients

The prognosis is very variable: in some cases, there are benign diseases that can be controlled with simple treatment, and the other when the disease develops very rapidly, and the prognosis is fatal within a short time. If pathology is not treated properly, the disease usually develops towards the irreversible destruction of the joints with deterioration of lung capacity. Forecast changes, if it is to find the optimal treatment.

In addition, there are risk factors that worsen the prognosis: the onset is at a young age, Smoking, presence of rheumatoid factor, other organ in the early stages.

The first step, which should make people with a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis, in order to adapt to the disease – prevention anxiety and stress, try not to make sudden movements and sleep on average 7-8 hours.

In addition, it is preferable to avoid activities that require intense physical effort. During the working day should keep the flat posture and a straight position of your back when sitting and avoid long position of the neck and back in a bent form. And it is very important to reduce the number of hours spent at the computer typing, when the wrists are bent. Furthermore, during the holiday it is better to continue to maintain good posture and keep your feet and hands outstretched, avoiding bending of joints.

Also try to refrain from wrist watches, bracelets, rings and other items that can affect your hands or knuckles.

Obesity also overload the joints, so you should try to eat healthy, balanced meals and not gain weight.

Treatment rheumatoid arthritis hands

rheumatoid arthritis of fingers prevention

Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic disease that currently has no clear treatment. However, pharmacological therapy and other tools are very effective and allow you to control the disease.

Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis involves two types of drugs used for pain relief and the transformation of the long forms of the disease. The effect of the latter may last for weeks or months. According to the Spanish society of rheumatology, they are not effective in 100 percent of patients, so the doctor usually prescribes a few, in order to find the most effective and better tolerated by the patient.

Basis of therapy are anti-rheumatic drugs. In cases when they do not work properly, specialists treat pathology biological therapy. And biological therapy, and anti-rheumatic drugs can have side effects, but in General these drugs are safe and patients tolerate them.

If the disease is very advanced, the patient will probably need surgery.

Drug therapies

The most effective and popular medications for pain relief from rheumatoid arthritis are medications that possess anti-inflammatory properties.

But in General there are several types of drugs that help in pathology:

  1. Analgesics. Drugs, relieving pain. There are many types of painkillers. Some of them are combinations of drugs that work together to ease the pain. Some pain medicines available without a prescription.
  2. Modifiers of biological reactions (IDB). Substances that alter the body's response to infection and disease. The body naturally produces a small amount of these substances. Unlike drugs that temporarily ease pain and inflammation, ICBMs can slow down the progression of arthritis. This means that you can have fewer symptoms and less damage over time. Scientists produce some of them in the laboratory in large quantities for use in the treatment of cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases.
  3. Inhibitors of Janus kinases. These drugs affect the genes and activity of immune cells in the body. Help prevent inflammation and stop the damage joints and tissues. Their doctors prescribe biological drugs will not help.
  4. Vitamins and minerals. In the treatment of arthritis is actively used in vitamins C, E, b Vitamins involved in the synthesis of collagen, reduce the pain and discomfort. Well established fish oil, linoleic acid, boron.
  5. Opioid analgesics are the strongest drugs on the market, available by prescription only. Available in oral and injectable forms. Opioids are only used in the treatment of arthritis for people with severe experiencing severe pain. These drugs can be addictive. For patients taking this kind of drugs need to be carefully monitored.

Popular recipes

Rheumatoid arthritis fingers — inflammation of joints due to changes in the immune system, causing a lot of pain and discomfort, and if left untreated, possible deformation of the fingers and various joints. That is why it is important to always carry out the treatment specified by the doctor, but there are also folk remedies that help to fight disease the natural way.


One of the most effective natural remedies in the treatment of rheumatic disorders and arthritis is the use of raw potato juice. The method is as follows: cut a raw potato without skin in very thin slices and place them in a glass of cold water overnight. You should drink this liquid early in the morning when you Wake up on an empty stomach. No less popular are the packs of potatoes. A couple of raw potatoes you need to peel and grate on a fine grater. Put the mass in cheesecloth and apply fresh mixture 3 times a week, as needed.

popular recipes

Apple cider vinegar

There are plenty of ways to use Apple cider vinegar against arthritis. Here are some of them:

Method 1 (Apple cider vinegar and cherry juice). Take a teaspoon of Apple cider vinegar and add in a glass of cherry juice. Cherry is rich in anthocyanins, which have antioxidant properties to fight inflammation. Mix well and drink the mixture daily once or twice to get rid of arthritis.

Also include Apple cider vinegar and cherries in your daily diet. It should be rich in fruits and vegetables that help boost your energy, immunity and allowing them to remain healthy.

Method 2 (Apple cider vinegar with water). Take 1-3 teaspoons of Apple cider vinegar and add a Cup of water (or fruit juice). Mix well and drink the solution daily before meals to prevent the arthritis. Eat three times a day, preferably before meals, adding a bit of honey (depending on your preference).

The tool can also be applied externally on inflamed joints to relieve pain and discomfort.

Method 3 (Apple cider vinegar for external use). Take a Cup of Apple cider vinegar and mix well 6 cups of warm water. Then dip the affected hand and in a relaxed manner enjoy this bath for some time.

This process helps to reduce the pain. Therefore, carry out the procedure of soaking every time you suffer from pain in the joints.

Bay leaf

To prepare the remedy, you will need a couple of Bay leaves. First of all, you need to prepare an infusion with them (2-3 Laurel leaf per Cup of boiling water, to insist hour). Then dip a cotton cloth in the infusion and apply on the injured area for about 15 minutes. You can apply natural remedy as many times as needed.