Arthritis of the shoulder joint

Shoulder pain is certainly there, but it causes her a lot. One of them is the arthritis of the shoulder. In this article we will consider the topic: arthritis of the shoulder joint: symptoms and treatment.

arthritis of the shoulder joint

Varieties of the disease

If there is inflammation of the shoulder joint, the symptoms may vary, depending on the form of the disease.

Shoulder arthritis klassificeret into three types:

  1. Osteoarthritis. It is a disease typical of the elderly. Due to this trend the fact that the pathological process is a result of wear of the tissues. Osteoarthritis leads to destruction of articular cartilage.
  2. Rheumatoid arthritis. The disease develops regardless of sex and age. The inflammatory process affects the joints, and both at once.
  3. Post-traumatic arthritis. This form occurs on the background of injuries, fractures or dislocations.

The development of the disease

Arthritis is a group of diseases affecting both small and large joints. The pathological process leads to wear of the cartilage and loss of its functionality. The shoulder joint is the most mobile in the human body, so the shoulder joint arthritis is diagnosed more often than others. The lesion may be unilateral and bilateral.

The shoulder joint can withstand long and high loads, but it remains vulnerable. It is often this area and hurt. As a result, can develop arthritis. With timely treatment the patient to the doctor, the prognosis is favorable.

Causes and symptoms

On the pathogenesis of shoulder arthritis following factors:

  • hypothermia;
  • injury;
  • infectious diseases;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • prolonged and excessive load;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • aging;
  • hypersensitivity of the joints.

Gouty arthritis

This form of the disease occurs because of deposits of uric acid salts in the tissues of the joints. This form often affects men over the age of 45-50 years.

To provoke gouty attacks can:

types of arthritis
  • excessive consumption of meat products;
  • the abuse of alcohol;
  • taking certain medicines.

As a result of these reasons, in the thickness of the cartilage tissue formed crystals of uric acid salts that interfere with the joint to move. The symptoms are sharp and paroxysmal, often at night. Patients experience severe pain. The affected joint swells and becomes purple hue. General condition of the patient worsens: body temperature rises, a fever and malaise.

Traumatic arthritis

Traumatic arthritis of the shoulder occurs as a result of injury. According to medical statistics, victims often are young people involved in unsafe activities. To recognize the illness can be bad of joint mobility, swelling, pain and crunch in the joint. The manifestation of these symptoms should immediately contact to doctor so he can prescribe treatment, otherwise the inflammation can cause destruction of periarticular tissues and cartilage. Symptoms may appear immediately after injury (acute form), and after some time.

Infectious arthritis

Infectious form of arthritis develops within a few hours or days. This form is also called suppurative or pyogenic. The causative agent is infection or bacteria. At risk are people who recently had surgery or trauma with a history of cancer education, diabetes, systemic diseases (HIV, gonorrhea).

The infection gets into the joint with blood. You can become infected during surgery. Not uncommon is considered to be of infectious arthritis in infants. In this case, the infection passed to the baby from the mother.

The symptomatology has pronounced. Appears a sharp pain. Damaged the joint swells and reddens. Patients suffer a high temperature, chills, sweating, weakness, aching muscles and vomiting. If the inflammation fails to stop quickly enough, serious complications develop, threatening not only health, but also the life of the patient. Infectious arthritis threatens the destruction of bone and cartilage tissue with displacement of the bone joints. Against this background, the patient may develop septic shock, which will serve as a cause of death.

Treatment of infectious arthritis is made in stationary conditions. Comprehensive treatment includes medication and physiotherapy. In severe cases, surgical intervention.

Rheumatoid arthritis of shoulder

Rheumatoid arthritis of the shoulder is a separate disease that requires many years of treatment and observation. Despite the development of medicine, the causes of this disease remain to be elucidated.

This form of arthritis affects the synovium, which is necessary for lubrication of joint surfaces to prevent friction. Rheumatoid arthritis of the shoulder is diagnosed, regardless of sex and age of the patient. Pathological process in most cases captures two joints. To confirm the diagnosis, doctors prescribe biochemical and clinical analysis of urine and blood. On the pharmaceutical market there are effective drugs that in the early stages of arthritis quickly cropped the symptom of pain, and suspend the destruction of tissues.

diagnosis of arthritis


Diagnosis of arthritis is required in order to set the stage of the disease and prescribe an effective treatment. The diagnosis of "arthritis of the shoulder joint" is on the basis of:

  1. Examination and palpation. The degree of disease progression can be set in appearance of the joint and the level of pain.
  2. Laboratory studies. The patient is obliged to hand over the analysis of urine, blood and feces. This will help to figure out what was the cause of the condition.
  3. An x-ray. The x-ray will show the doctor the localization of the pathological process and the extent of destruction of tissue.
  4. Magnetic resonance imaging. An MRI is performed in rare cases when an x-ray showed no pathological deformations in the joint.
  5. Ultrasound. Helps to recognize the damage to the joint and its shell.

To obtain a full clinical picture will need to see other specialists: traumatologist, rheumatologist, infectious disease.


To treat arthritis of the shoulder joint is necessary in a complex. Well established physiotherapy at any stage of the disease. Arthritis apply:

  1. Methods that reduce pain (ultraviolet irradiation). Active wave exposure reduces the sensitivity of the nerves, which leads to the decrease in the intensity of pain.
  2. Methods to reduce inflammation (infrared laser therapy, UHF-therapy).
  3. Methods for facilitating the recovery (magnetotherapy).
  4. Methods that improve the trophism and blood flow (hydrogen sulfide and radon baths, local darsonvalization).

The number of sessions and their duration depends on the severity of the disease and the individual characteristics of the organism.


After a diagnosis of "shoulder arthritis": the symptoms and treatment is what patients are interested in.

treatment of arthritis

Drug treatment should be started at the first sign of illness. Therapy aims to:

  • pain management;
  • reduction of inflammation;
  • recovery trophic tissue

In the initial stages of the disease the patient shows preparations for joints and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. They suspend the pathological process and improve the structure of the joint. Medications are available as tablets, ointments or solution for intravenous or intramuscular injection. It is mandatory appointment of vitamins and drugs that improve blood circulation.

To eliminate pain syndrome apply analgesics. They also help to reduce body temperature and chills. The dosage and course of treatment prescribed by the physician depending on the severity of the disease. As outdoor use is shown gels and ointments. They reduce the load on the joint and quickly stop the pain.

In the complex with medicamentous treatment are physiotherapy. Good result have a warm, electrophoresis, ultrasound.

Surgical therapy

If the inflammation of the shoulder joint is not amenable to conservative treatment or the disease is in stage 3-4, the doctors are forced to resort to radical methods of treatment (surgery). Despite the complexity of the operation, the doctors always try to save the joint. If this is not possible, then a special plastic (the top part of the shoulder arm bone replaced by the prosthesis).

Surgical technique without implant is performed in the treatment of arthritis of the acromioclavicular joint. In this case, the doctor only cuts out part of the bone, and formed a space with time is covered with scar tissue.

Surgery in most cases eliminates possible complications.

Is considered a minimally invasive procedure like arthroscopy. It usually is carried out in 1-2 stages of the disease. During surgery, the surgeon uses a special arthroscope, which is inserted into the affected joint. At the end of the camera a small video camera that transmits the image to the screen. The period of rehabilitation after arthroscopy is minimal. However, this treatment only removes the pain but does not eradicate the disease, so there may be a relapse.

Folk remedies

Knowing the symptoms of arthritis shoulder treatment can be done at home. Traditional medicine helps to stop pain and reduce inflammation. But not all practices are good and safe. One they can help and others to cause harm. Before applying or that funds should consult with your doctor.

Folk medicine as the treatment of arthritis offers the use of:

proper nutrition


  • grate raw potatoes on a grater. The resulting mixture was put into a linen bag. Apply a compress to the shoulder in severe pain;
  • moisten a piece of cloth in oil of turpentine and apply to the affected area. On top close the foil, and wrap with a handkerchief. Leave the poultice on overnight;
  • cabbage leaf spread with honey and apply to the affected joint. Secure it with a bandage. Keep the compress should not less than 2 hours.


  • melt in a water bath 50 g of butter. Add a pinch of lilac flowers. To send pour the liquid in the refrigerator. Ready to apply the ointment can during the day;
  • 50 g pork fat mixed with 3 g of propolis to obtain a homogeneous mass. RUB the shoulder morning and night.

Folk remedies in combination with drug therapy is effective for arthritis for stage 1-2. At stage 3-4 have been applied to high-tech methods of treatment.


Preventive measures aimed at strengthening the tone of the joints. To prevent recurrence it is recommended to follow a diet and follow moderate loads. Positive influence charge, tempering, vitamin-mineral complexes. A mandatory condition of prevention is the rejection of alcoholic beverages.

A balanced diet

Proper nutrition plays an equally important role in the treatment of shoulder arthritis. It is proved that a negative trend could provoke some products. Diet is assigned to reduce the weight of the patient, removing salt deposits, the normalization of metabolic processes. The correct diet will prevent the occurrence of inflammation.

Arthritis of the shoulder joint is considered useful:

  • salmon;
  • nuts;
  • beans;
  • vegetables;
  • fruits;
  • cereals;
  • dairy products;
  • lean meats;
  • greens;
  • seafood.

Portions should be small. It is recommended to eat in day at least 5 times. Preference should be given to dishes that are steamed or baked in the oven.

From the diet should exclude:

  • strong tea and coffee;
  • alcohol;
  • rich broth;
  • meats;
  • canned;
  • seasonings.

Minimize consumption need sugar and salt. Prolonged remission of severe restrictions in the diet can be removed.


The quiet period is recommended physiotherapy:

exercises for arthritis
  1. Starting position — standing. Raise your left arm up and slide it back. Try to touch your left shoulder blade. Keep the elbow as high as possible. The right hand can help to hold the elbow.
  2. Embrace yourself. Try to raise the elbows. The maximum point lock position for 2-3 seconds.
  3. Bend your arms at the elbow joint. The palm put on his shoulders. Slowly lift your elbows up until your hands touch the cheeks.

Also considered as an effective arm swing. All movements should be done slowly without jerking. The best time for gymnastics — lunch. If during class you feel pain, discontinue exercise and consult a doctor.

A properly selected set of exercises to enrich the tissues with oxygen. The benefit of exercises will not bring an exacerbation of arthritis, chronic diseases of internal organs, infectious diseases, SARS.


The following simple rules will help to avoid the development of disease. If You are still faced with arthritis of the shoulder joint, you should not self-medicate. This is a serious disease that requires competent and timely treatment under the supervision of a physician.