Collection of effective recipes for treating arthritis at home folk remedies

The destructive process develops under the influence of negative factors. There are several varieties of arthritis.

Symptoms are similar in many ways:

  • pain in the joints;
  • swelling and redness of the tissues;
  • increase local and General temperature;
  • limitation of joint mobility;
  • in severe cases, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, General weakness.

Every kind of inflammatory process in the joints has a specific etiology, characteristic symptoms. There is an acute and chronic form of articular pathology.

What joints are affects arthritis? Localization of destructive lesion depends on the type of pathology. For example, if the patient is negative, the process involves many departments of the musculoskeletal system.

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The main types of arthritis:

  • rheumatoid. Reason: failures of the immune system, multiple lesions of small joints, complications on heart, lungs, respiratory system. More common in women, develops joint deformity;
  • rheumatic polyarthritis. The main reason is the complication of a Streptococcus infection (scarlet fever, quinsy). In the pathological process involved large joints (knee, ankle, hip, shoulder). The symmetrical nature of destruction, deformation of joints no. The main category of patients are men under 40 years;
  • pyogenic. The inflammatory process develops on the background of osteomyelitis (destruction of bone), fractures in contact with the infectious agent into the joints through the blood and lymph;
  • of psoriatic. The disease often develops on the background of psoriasis symptoms similar to the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. At the time of diagnosis blood test always show rheumatoid factor;
  • infectious (reactive). A destructive process – a consequence of the penetration of infection from other parts of the body. More common in young men. Reactive arthritis often develops on the background of tuberculosis, syphilis, brucellosis, and other infections of the digestive tract and urogenital system. Reiter disease often develop conjunctivitis;
  • gouty. Inflammation of the joints occurs in the background to improper uric acid metabolism. Tenderness was noted in various joints, under the skin visible are referred to as tophi – podagra nodules. Harmful salts (Urata) accumulate in the joints, pain, limited mobility, swelling around joint tissues. Painful attacks of gout often develop on the background of the wrong foods (foods with purines). Frequent use of strong coffee, offal, meat, herring, sprats, sour fruit, sorrel, tea provokes excessive secretion of uric acid, low rate of excretion of the substance.

Treatment of arthritis at home

With any form of arthritis the emphasis is on drug therapy. Without drugs NSAIDs group, it is impossible to stop inflammation. It is important to prevent further progression of the disease, cure arthritis acute. Chronic – a result of late, incorrect therapy.

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Recipes of traditional medicine is a good complement to the use of pharmaceutical compositions. Permission to use home remedies to be given by the rheumatologist .

Many natural compounds are just as effective, rarely cause allergic reactions. The doctor will tell you how to combine drugstore remedies with homemade ointments, poultices, and decoctions for external and internal use.

Warning! With an active inflammation process can not be applied to the aching joints hot compresses, take a bath, warm up, rubbed with alcohol, wrap the affected area. Under the heat of the center of destruction is increasing, a negative process aktiviziruyutsya, improves blood flow, infection is easier to penetrate into the organs and tissues.

A selection of popular recipes and rules for their application

Tested recipes:
  • aloe + honey. To connect the 2 parts are not thick honey and 1 part of the pulp or aloe juice. Lubricate diseased joint, cover with plastic wrap for 40 minutes. The procedure is carried out every day;
  • cabbage leaf against inflammation. Cheap, effective. Washed the sheet a bit to discourage or incision until the juice, applied to the inflamed area. To change as the drying means (approximately, every 40 minutes). Does not cause allergies, relieves pain and inflammation;
  • grated radish for compresses. Another available tool. The slurry was applied to the problem area for 20 minutes, wrap with cellophane. Works well during attacks of sciatica, rheumatism, gout;
  • collection against inflammation. You will need 50 grams of violets, birch leaves, nettles, chopped parsley root. To take 2 tbsp of the mixture, folded into a saucepan, pour 2 cups of boiling water, then on heat for 10 minutes. Ready broth cool, strain, drink half a Cup twice a day before meals;
  • home remedy pain and inflammation. 50 g of petroleum jelly will need a tablespoon of crushed hop cones or flowers of trifolium. The components are thoroughly mixed, transfer to a glass jar. Store in the refrigerator, RUB it into the sore joints every night;
  • baths with straw. When the pain in the feet, the toes, the ankle joint will help the treatments with the active anti-inflammatory action. Add to the pot of 200 g straw, pour five gallons of boiling water, then on heat for 15 minutes, cool, strain. The temperature of water for baths – not above 37 degrees, duration of session is 15 minutes. The course will need 6 treatments;
  • pine baths in rheumatism arthritis. Pour the warm water 3 tbsp pine elixir or decoction of fir branches and pine needles. On the course enough 7 procedures. Take a bath 20 minutes after going to bed, RUB painful areas pharmacy or home ointment, for example, hop cones and petrolatum;
  • chestnuts from rheumatic pains. Free treatment and gentle on problem areas. In the pockets to wear in ordinary chestnut. For pain take the fruit in hand, to compress, to roll in the brush (there is a massage of biologically active points);
  • dandelion. To dig up the plant, wash them and finely chop. You will need the leaves and the root. To take a tablespoon of raw pour a glass of hot water, boil 5 minutes, cool. Make medicinal teas inside a third of a Cup before meals. This tool is also used for arthritis and rheumatism.
Phyto therapist offer several available means of herbs and natural products:
  • ointment from the Golden mustache. Grind the joints and the leaves, squeeze the juice. As a basis for ointments suitable cream. To connect nutrient mass (part 1) with the crushed parts of plants (3 pieces), grind thoroughly. Natural remedy store in a cool place. Every day, morning and evening to RUB home the ointment the painful area. Golden mustache – an effective tool not only in arthritis but also in osteoarthritis, sciatica, swelling of the feet;
  • tincture with chestnuts from joint pain. In a glass jar to put 300 g peeled, chopped fruit chestnut pour high-quality beer (the liquid should cover the chestnuts by 2 cm). Tincture to remove in a cool place, where no light penetrates, every day to shake the container. 2 weeks effective remedy for arthritis and rheumatism is ready. Tincture chestnut helps with thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, swelling in the legs;
  • tincture sabelnik. Another proven remedy. 100 g sabelnik marsh will need a liter of vodka. Connect the components in a jar, close the container, to remove in a dark place for 20 days. Get, drain, take every day a teaspoon three times daily (20 minutes before eating). Maximum effect patients note the use of tincture sabelnik and grinding the joints of patients with the same agent;
  • a decoction of oats with arthritis. In saucepan to pour raw oats (200 g), pour a liter of boiling water, keep on low heat for 30 minutes. During the boil the third part of the water evaporation. The remaining liquid to filter, take a third Cup in the morning and evening for 20-30 minutes before meals;
  • Aliquet felis
  • home grind with analgin. An effective remedy for severe inflammation, acute pain in the joints. Components grind: analgin – 10 tablets, alcoholic solution of iodine teaspoon. You will also need vocatus camphor – 10 ml medical alcohol – 300 ml All components of the mix (pre-analgin pound into powder), pour the mixture into a bottle made of dark glass, put in a cool room. Grind joint is ready after 21 days. Daily treatment of painful zones reduces inflammation, removes swelling, reduces the pain syndrome;
  • baths with fir oil. The tool has a positive effect on the joints in arthritis and gout. On liter of warm (35 degrees) of water will need 6 drops of fir oil. Immersing the feet or the hands in the tub, keep a quarter of an hour. After the procedure is to RUB into the sore spots cream enriched with fir oil. 100 g, nourishing cream you will need 10 drops of the healing oil with the scent of pine. In the chronic form of arthritis to treat the problem areas daily for six months, then a break for a month;
  • bath with sage. Many herbs have anti-edematous, anti-inflammatory effect. To enhance the action of natural ingredients will help add to the sage chamomile flowers (equal number). Per litre of hot water you will need 2 tbsp sage or half the rules to replace chamomile. Boil the liquid for 3 minutes, allow to cool, filter, pour into a bath with warm water. The duration of procedures – one-third of the hours.
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In the treatment of arthritis, chronic and acute form it is not necessary to hope only for medicines: many potent drugs have a lot side effects. Treatment of arthritis with traditional methods will not hit the pocket, will provide noticeable relief from severe pain and active inflammation. After selection of home recipes need to consult with a rheumatologist or astrolog.