Treatment of arthritis of the ankle joint, the first symptoms and photos

Arthritis of the ankle joint is a disease caused by disturbance of the proportions of the load on the joint and the stability of its components. At the first signs of this disease should immediately consult a doctor to get the right diagnosis and prescription of effective treatment.

arthritis of the ankle

The inflammatory process develops quite rapidly, is gradually restricted to motor activity, impaired way of life, there is a temporary disability, and in some cases, even disability.

What is it?

Arthritis of the ankle joint is an inflammatory chronic or acute disease of a specified joint motor system. The defeat of the joint is formed due to the development of some pathological changes in the patient's body, such as lupus, diseases of spondylitis, gout or rheumatoid arthritis.

Causes of arthritis of the ankle joint

Arthritis of the ankle can be caused by factors:

  1. Failure of hormonal background.
  2. The improper functioning of the immune system where the body may be hostile to one's own tissues, believing them to be alien.
  3. Wearing uncomfortable or improper footwear, and very high heels.
  4. Allergic reaction.
  5. Addictions.
  6. Sharp and strong hypothermia.
  7. Hereditary predisposition.
  8. Professional sports or activities.
  9. Non-specific or specific infections.
  10. Violation of metabolism in the body (because of this develops gout). In this case, the arthritis is secondary and not the primary disease.
  11. Excessive body weight, in which the ankle turns out to be a very large burden that can destroy tissue joint.
  12. Trauma to the joint or other mechanical injuries to bones, cartilages, ligaments or muscles.
  13. Other pathologies of the ankle, such as flat feet.

All these factors can cause numerous other pathologies it is therefore necessary to pay attention to the symptoms of pathology, as well as undergo a thorough diagnosis.

The stage of the disease

There are several stages of current arthritis of the ankle joint:

the stage of the disease
First degree pain occur periodically, often with loads on the joint. There is a General malaise. At this stage of the disease should consult a doctor as without proper treatment it will go to the next degree, which is much harder to care.
Second degree joint pain is more pronounced and may persist in the dormant period. There is swelling and redness around the joint. During loads, you hear a distinctive rustling. At this stage, could begin joint deformities if untreated.
Third degree develops when untreated, the disease. At this stage, it becomes noticeable joint deformity, walking is difficult, there is lameness, and in severe cases a complete inability of independent movement and loss of earning capacity.

The symptoms of arthritis of the ankle joint

The first symptoms of inflammation of the ankle joints are directly dependent on primary pathological activities. But due to the presence of inflammatory lesions, the disease has a number of common characteristics common to all its forms:

  1. Sharp pain in ankle joints;
  2. The presence of edema that is visible when pressed in the region of the ankle joint;
  3. The increased skin temperature and redness at the site of the affected joint;
  4. Walking difficulty due to limitations of joint mobility;
  5. The presence of General symptoms of inflammation: fever, malaise, and weakness.

The presence of arthritis of the ankle joint in any case will cause the patient to see a doctor, because over time a sharp pain begins to accompany difficulty in movement.

At the beginning of the disease is possible to observe acute or gradual course of the disease. Characteristic clinical manifestations may be absent, but to suspect the presence of disease is still possible in two ways:

  1. The presence of pain with full range of extension and flexion of the ankle joint;
  2. A feeling of tightness when dressing the usual shoes that have arisen due to the swelling of the foot.
looks like arthritis

How does arthritis: photo

In the next photo symptoms of arthritis of the ankle joint is typical for 1 and 2 stage of development of the lesion.

The consequences of the disease

If you do not provide adequate therapy can develop following effects:

  • within 2 years of the cartilaginous sheath that breaks down entirely;
  • form joints deformed;
  • joint flexibility is lost, defects are formed a walk;
  • atrophy of muscle of lower leg (diseased limb becomes thin);
  • a complete fusion of fragments of the joint, with subsequent disability.


Diagnosis arthritis of the ankle joint, the symptoms and treatment determined by the attending physician, the rheumatologist, who is pursuing a course of special diagnostic studies.

To determine arthritis conduct such survey methods:

  1. ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate);
  2. Leukocytes;
  3. Rheumatoid factor;
  4. Sterility of the blood.
  5. The study of the composition of synovial fluid (the fence material is carried out by puncture);
  6. Arthroscopy with biopsy of joint tissues;
  7. X-rays;
  8. Ultrasound of the patient's joints and internal organs (rheumatoid arthritis);
  9. CT scan and MRI.

Treatment of arthritis of the ankle joint

First the affected joint is assigned a maximum rest. If you can not stay in bed, then you'll need to put elastic bandage on the damaged area which will allow immobilize the diseased joint. During the walk it is recommended to use the cane, which will take most of the load.

If bed rest has not had the desired effect, the physician selects another treatment, focusing on the patient's condition.

Conservative treatment of arthritis of the ankle is reduced to:

arthritis pills
  • Antibiotic therapy, the purpose of which is justified only when the bacterial form of the disease. Use antibacterial drugs with a broad spectrum of action;
  • Analgesics. These funds are necessary for the patient to relieve pain in the affected area. However, when the pain ceases, the person feels relieved and begins to increase the load on the ankle, which is fraught with even greater problems with the joint. That's why doctors strongly insist on the use during treatment of crutches and other assistive devices.
  • Also assigned chondroprotectors, is designed to slow deformation processes and recovery of cartilage. However, the treatment means of this type only has an effect on early stages of the disease when the cartilage is still able to regenerate.
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. They reduce the swelling, but their use should be held under the supervision of a specialist because they have undesirable side effects. When the disease is in the stage of progression, prescribed hormonal therapy;
  • Vitamin therapy. To improve metabolic processes in the organism as a whole and directly into the damaged joint is assigned a folic acid and vitamins b and C;
  • A special diet in which the patient should refuse from nightshades because they cause pain, and drinking canned and smoked foods as they contain large amounts of salt;

In case of untimely treatment of the disease may develop synovitis or arthrosis deformans, and then drug therapy is not enough.


A good aid in reducing pain and in restoring the functionality of the inflammation of the joints can have a physiotherapy. They apply the following: ultrasound treatment; cold; with hydromassage; and fluidum justo. To improve circulation and restore mobility to the joint help of manual manipulation.

The above disease has a negative influence on joint mobility, reducing the natural sliding surfaces of the articular membranes. With manual mobilization can improve mechanical function of the joint and reduce pain. Certain physical exercises also help reduce pain. Leg muscles are the shock absorbers. If the strength of the muscles, which are placed around the joint will increase, then it will reduce the tension of the ankle.

Folk remedies

At home to the basic treatment of osteoarthritis of the ankle joint for you to add a treatment of folk remedies. Very good help decoction of leaves of bilberry. For this Cup of boiling water pour 2 tsp of prepared herbal raw material and placed in a water bath for 15 minutes. After cooling, used in small SIPS throughout the day. According to this principle, prepare a decoction of black currant leaves, corn stigmata' and birch buds.

A good effect has herbal tea from a mixture of birch, violets and nettles. Each component is taken at 2.5 spoon, pour 200 g of boiling water and insist in a water bath for 10 minutes. Accepted of a glass of 0,5 to 4 times a day.

operative treatment of arthritis

Surgical treatment

When conservative treatment is not effective, running and severe arthritis of the ankle joint treated surgically. During the operation, or produce fusion of the articular Department, or insert a prosthesis. The goal of surgery is to help the joint move again, to increase performance, eliminate pain.

Surgery will be scheduled in the following cases:

  • after conservative treatment the pain persists and becomes stronger;
  • stop lost performance, lost their mobility;
  • the inflammation affects the internal organs;
  • had severe joint deformation;
  • there is the beginning of necrosis (very rare).

One of the types of operative treatment of ankle arthritis is an arthroplasty. Before surgery be sure a patient undergoes x-ray examination, the photographs which clearly show the lesion and the degree of development of the disease. The surgeon made a few incisions and through them carried out all the necessary manipulations. After this procedure, the patient is completely restored mobility of the joint.


The Outlook is quite favorable, if not to delay treatment in this disease is like arthritis of the ankle joint. Properly the doctor will select a treatment strategy, taking into account existing symptoms and indications after the diagnostic methods will depend on the efficiency and duration of the recovery process and rehabilitation period.

In this disease, such as arthritis, it is crucial immobilize joint, to reduce the load, stop the inflammation, to prevent its further development. Important role in the treatment plays wearing the correct orthopedic shoes with tabs to reduce the load on the foot.

It is important to preserve the joint, to adhere strictly to all prescription. After the symptoms pass, you can expect improvements, a recovery of the cartilage cavity and mobility of the ankle joint.