Gouty arthritis – causes, symptoms and principles of complex treatment

One of the types of diseases of the joints chronic gouty arthritis. Pathology due to the accumulation of large quantities of uric acid, specifically, crystals of this acid are localized in the articular structures, is fatal affecting the periarticular tissue and hyaline cartilage.

gouty arthritis

Causes of gouty arthritis

Most often considered the disease is diagnosed in males aged 40-50 years, but in women gouty arthritis is rare and only after 60 years. Often pathology is found in men 25-50 years – such age "spread" is associated with a direct link gouty arthritis and male hormones that can be either actively generated or to be placed in the normal amount. That is why doctors include women in menopause are at risk for gouty arthritis. Please note: rarely gouty arthritis is diagnosed in childhood – in this case it would be a genetic predisposition. Modern medicine cannot identify the specific causes of development of considered diseases – etiology of gouty arthritis has not been fully elucidated. But factors that can provoke a gouty arthritis, to know for sure. These include:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • violation of the diet – we are talking about excessive consumption of meat, sausages, coffee, chocolate. Even before gouty arthritis called disease of aristocrats on the list of foods that should be consumed in limited quantities;
  • long-term use of certain drugs for medical reasons, or in an independent mode, for example, provoke the development of these diseases are diuretics, medicines against high blood pressure, cytostatics and other.

Gouty arthritis may also occur as a secondary disease is often diagnosed on the background of kidney disease, heart failure, abnormalities in hormonal levels. Please note: the deposition of uric acid crystals can long time to occur completely asymptomatic, but even with a small "push" gouty arthritis will manifest very rapidly. Such "push" can become an infectious disease, a history of stress, strong physical fatigue, forced starvation, and more.

The symptoms of gouty arthritis

Consider the disease in its course passes through three periods, each of which has its own distinctive features.

The latent period

Gouty arthritis occurs completely asymptomatic, the patient did not bother, no signs of any pathology is not observed. During this period to identify the disease considered only if the laboratory blood test – it reveals the high content of uric acid.

The acute phase

This may be the primary manifestation of a gouty character, and yet another recurrence of chronic forms of pathology.

Chronic period

Gouty arthritis is already diagnosed, is in active progress, but long remissions in peremptio all characteristic symptoms for the disease. In General, the clinical picture of gouty arthritis pronounced, so diagnosing problems doctors have never had. The main symptoms include:

the symptoms of gouty arthritis
  • a sharp pain in the big toe joint of the lower limb;
  • swelling of the affected joint and redness of the skin at this location;
  • during the movement of the affected joint pain is greatly enhanced;
  • the body temperature rises in the absence of signs of colds or any chronic inflammatory/infectious diseases;
  • around the joints begin to appear are referred to as tophi is subcutaneous growths niveus color;
  • periodically appearing pain in others, small and large, joints.

It is clear that gouty arthritis is characterized by a manifestation of the process – primarily affects the big toe joint on the left or right foot, that is observed in 90% of cases. And if at this time, no remedial measures would be made, the progression of the pathological process is guaranteed. If the inflammatory process is progressing for a long time without proper treatment, the bones that are immediately adjacent to the affected joint, the formation of "pugnis". The next step in the progression of gouty arthritis are referred to as tophi (subcutaneous growths), which are strongly deformed leg and can cause disability of the patient. Note: in women of gouty arthritis is much easier typical cavity with a cluster of crystals Manawatu sodium and whitish subcutaneous growths are formed very rarely. By the way, these are factors that provoke the erroneous diagnosis – doctors can confuse gouty arthritis and osteoarthritis. Acute attacks of gouty process, which is always accompanied by severe pain in the affected joints, often from 1 time per week 1-2 times per month or per year.

Diagnostic measures

To diagnose gouty arthritis, doctors prescribe the patient a full examination of the body. But first and foremost is the fence of the synovial fluid from the affected joint – it will be revealed by the sodium urate crystals. In some cases synovial fluid for laboratory examination take even of healthy joint or from a tophus de – is allowed in the context of diagnosis, the results will be accurate. In parallel, we take to the laboratory for testing the blood – it is found an increased amount of uric acid. But even in combination with the presence of sodium urate crystals in synovial (joint) fluid is the result of the study does not give the right diagnose gouty arthritis. Many people are the results of the survey will only indicate the violation of purine metabolism. If the disease occurs for a long period of time, it makes sense to assign to x-ray examination – visible characteristic changes in the joints. These include, for example, degradation of cartilage, "pugnis", defects of the end parts of the bones.


Treatment of gouty arthritis

Considering the disease can be treated only integrated therapy – it is impossible to take drugs and refuse the correction of power, good effect and traditional medicine. Of course, only one – access to a doctor when the first symptoms of a gouty arthritis increases the chances of complete freedom from the disease significantly.


In moments of acute exacerbation of chronic gouty arthritis are advised to take the medication. And doctors do the following assignments:

  1. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. These drugs are most effective during the acute attacks of gouty arthritis. Moreover, the first doctors prescribe them in the form of injections (so the effect is faster and better), and then gradually transferred the patient to the use of these same drugs, but in pill form.
  2. Ointment-based non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. These ointments are intended for application to the skin over the affected by inflammation joint.
  3. Packs/lotions made on the basis of Dimexidum (25% solution) or a regular sex alcohol solution (the alcohol is diluted with water in proportion 1:1).
  4. Physiotherapy. They are appointed on the background residat of an acute attack of gouty arthritis – magnetoline, laser therapy, paraffin baths and more.

But even if the disease occurs in a latent form or chronic process is in remission, the medication to stop is in any case impossible! Doctors just make other appointments, adjust therapy, for example, prescribe medications that reduce urate synthesis. To get rid of any pathological process, it is necessary to remove the cause – this also applies to gouty arthritis. This means that you need to get rid of the excess uric acid in the body.

Diet for gouty arthritis

If the patient will disregard the appointment of a dietician to break the diet and continue to consume large quantities of meat products, coffee, chocolate and other harmful products, even if specialized treatment results will be. There are clear limitations and authorizations with respect to the products:

  1. Eliminated completely from the diet at least 12 months:
  • mutton and veal;
  • offal – liver, lungs, heart, and other;
  • jelly;
  • herring, mackerel and sardines in any form – smoked, marinated, pickled, fried;
  • soups and broths meat.
  1. You must limit the intake of:
  • of poultry, ham, liverwurst;
  • cod, sardines, perch, sprat;
  • peas, beans, lentils, legumes;
  • cauliflower, radish, spinach, sorrel;
  • coffee, beer and cocoa.
menu with gouty arthritis
  1. You can safely enter in your daily menu:
  • any dairy products, including cheese/soft varieties;
  • chicken eggs and quail, goose and duck;
  • nuts of all types;
  • jelly and gelatin;
  • soups made from vegetables (except the banned for use);
  • cereals of all varieties/species, except for oat;
  • oil and butter.

Fish and meat when diagnosed with gouty arthritis should be consumed only boiled form and not more than 3 times a week. It is necessary to limit salt intake, including in the form of marinades, brines for preservation of vegetables. Very useful during the treatment of the above inflammatory diseases of the joints to drink broth hips, cranberry juice, lime tea, berry fruit drinks – don't forget to make sure that there are no diseases of the cardiovascular system. Anyway, gouty arthritis you need to eat on diet No. 6, but with some refinements. Below this sample menu patient:


  • Breakfast – cottage cheese with jelly fresh or tinned fruit, coffee with lots of milk.
  • Second Breakfast – a glass of Apple juice.
  • Lunch rice soup with vegetable broth, rye bread, glass of dried fruit compote.
  • Afternoon tea – black tea (brewed loosely), marmalade, Apple.
  • Dinner – a glass of green tea, potato fritters.


  • Breakfast – any cereal with milk (except oatmeal!), rye bread, a glass of pineapple juice.
  • Second Breakfast – walnuts, pear of any variety.
  • Lunch – vegetable stew, rabbit stew, a compote glass.
  • Afternoon tea – a glass of orange juice.
  • Dinner – Cup of black tea with milk, sandwich with cheese.


  • Breakfast – patties of fresh carrots, sour cream, a Cup of black tea.
  • The second Breakfast – one or two bananas.
  • Lunch – soup vegetable broth with sour cream, a Cup of broth from the hips.
  • Dinner – pumpkin pudding, herbal tea.


  • Breakfast – sandwiches of white bread with any cheese, black tea.
  • Second Breakfast – a glass of cherry juice.
  • Lunch – potatoes, oven baked trout, vegetable salad with vegetable oil, a glass of cranberry juice.
  • Dinner – muesli with nuts of any variety, green tea.
folk remedies chamomile

Treatment of gouty arthritis folk remedies

Important: in no case can not be considered funds from the category of folk medicine cure – consider inflammatory joint disease should be treated by medical providers. But even conventional medicine recognizes and "makes good" on the use in therapy of folk remedies. Of course, patients should receive permission for such treatment from your doctor to exclude possible hypersensitivity and/or idiosyncrasy of some medicinal plants or products.


A decoction of the flowers of this medicinal decoction will help in acute attack of pain in gouty arthritis of the affected joint, but to cook it you need not the usual way. Moreover, the technology is a mandatory time:

  • first preparing the salt solution – 10 liters of hot water 20 g common salt;
  • then lower 100 grams of chamomile flowers and boil on low heat for 10 minutes.

After the broth is cooled to a temperature which can sustain the skin and the bath for the patient's joint.

Fir cones

Preparing a decoction of signa fir cones with the seeds of one cone is filled with 500 ml of boiling water and infuse for 6-8 hours. A decoction is taken 3 times a day half an hour before a meal. This decoction cleanses the joints and all the body of excess uric acid. The duration of intake of this infusion is determined by individual folk healers recommend not to interrupt the treatment until complete recovery.

Bay leaf

Such a familiar product in cooking, it turns out, helps to clean the joints. The drug is prepared as follows:

  • take no more than 5 grams of Bay leaf and fill it with 1.5 cups of water;
  • cook on medium low heat, at slow boil for 10 minutes;
  • remove the broth from the stove, the dishes, wrap a towel or scarf and leave for 3 hours.

The resulting broth to drink during the day in small portions.

Gouty arthritis is a complicated disease that is difficult to treat. But doctors say that a careful observance of all recommendations and appointments of experts considered the disease either completely cured, or goes into long-term remission.