Treatment of arthritis: how and what to treat

Arthritis causes severe deformation of joints, and causes painful sensations in the limbs, inflammatory process, damage internal organs. How to treat arthritis of the joints to achieve long-term remission and improve the overall health of the patient will be told by the article.

arthritis of the joints


The mainstay of treatment of arthritis is the identification and elimination of the causeswhich provoked the development of inflammation in the joints. The sooner a patient seeks help from a qualified doctor, the higher the chances of recovery.

Diagnosis of this disease includes a visual inspection of the joints, laboratory and instrumental studies.

Methods of treatment

To what doctor to address? Specialists that may be involved in the therapy for arthritis is a trauma surgeon, rheumatologist, phthisiatrician, infectious disease, dermatologist.

Struggle with arthritis is complex, with drug therapy, therapeutic exercises, physiotherapy, feeding, alternative therapies, and various measures for the prevention of this disease.


Pharmacology for treatment of arthritis offers a variety of medications. It is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs used to reduce inflammation and pain in the joints, reduce the effects of toxic substances that are released in inflammatory process.

It must be remembered that in addition to use, the products are of pharmacy may harm the body, and therefore the dosage and course of treatment should only select the attending physician.

Side effects of drugs:

  • Bowel disorder;
  • Kidney or heart failure;
  • Reduction of blood clotting;
  • Disorder of the nervous system;
  • Allergic reactions.

Drugs relieve only the symptoms, but the cause of the disease is not eliminated. Taken in combination with other medicines. Can be represented in the form of tablets or injections for intramuscular or intravenous injection. However, it is worth remembering that they are not used during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Chondroprotectors help restore cartilage. Well tolerated and have virtually no contraindications.

side effects of drugs

In order to resolve a painful syndrome used pain medications for topical application – creams, gels, ointments. Quickly absorbed into the skin, accumulate in the damaged tissues, do not enter the intestine.

Is also used group of medications to relax the muscles in pain syndrome. They increase joint flexibility, relieve swelling.

And to restore the mineral metabolism of bone tissue the use of mineral and vitamin supplements.

Physical therapy

How to treat arthritis, you know physical therapists. It is an indispensable component of complex therapy. Some of them are assigned in the acute stage of the disease, others in remission.

In the acute phase of arthritis apply:

  • Ultraviolet irradiation of the affected joints several times a day;
  • Electrophoresis of glucocorticoids, the duration of the course is 12 procedures.

In the subacute phase are:

  • UHF-therapy on the area the inflamed joints and the adrenal glands;
  • Neon laser irradiation damaged region of the joints;
  • Low-intensity pulsed magnetic therapy;
  • Phototherapy using lamps.

In the proliferative phase of arthritis of the joints can be applied cryotherapy using air-nitrogen mixture with a temperature of minus 160 degrees, as well as Naftalan therapy. Duration health course – 15 procedures.

Physical therapy

Comprehensive treatments of arthritis include physical therapy, which improves joint mobility and prevents the formation in them of connective ankylosis and adhesions. Separately can be run complexes for the development of joint mobility of shoulder, knee, elbow and hip joints.

Physical therapy is used every day at least 15-30 minutes, but only after you have stopped the symptoms of acute inflammation. One of the most effective exercises in the treatment of arthritis – walking on the knees, at 400 steps a day.

Of all sports, the most efficient swimming, the intensity is determined by the degree of immersion in water. A positive effect on the joints and provides temperature in the pool: if it is warm, then the pain threshold is significantly reduced.


After performing therapeutic exercises, it is useful to have a course of massage. This procedure will improve the local blood circulation, remove the swelling, reduce the intensity of the inflammatory process.

physical therapy

Physical effect on the injured area helps to improve metabolic processes, accelerates the excretion of toxins.

The duration of each session is not less than 20 minutes, requires careful treatment of the joint and surrounding soft tissues. Uses techniques of stroking, rubbing, vibration, kneading with fingertips, squeezing the edge of his hand, a slight shaking of a limb.

After the massage, the recommended 15-minute break, no sudden movements in the damaged area. During the procedure, it is important to avoid pain discomfort.

Food for arthritis joints

To reduce the intensity of pain, it is important to normalize the power, following a special diet, which helps to reduce acidity in the body.

It is necessary to exclude from the ration canned foods, fats, oil, spicy, salty and acidic foods, introduce more fruits and vegetables, wholesome cereals and grain bread. Dairy products should not be fat.

In the treatment of arthritis are advised to include in the diet of cod-liver oil, trout, salmon, mineral water, fresh juices, food with polyunsaturated fatty acids of the omega 3. To remove strong coffee, tea, give up alcohol, meat, fish, mushroom broths, all kinds of legumes.

To get rid of arthritis you need to keep a balanced, low-calorie diet with a high content of vitamins and minerals in natural form.

Nutritional supplements

In the treatment of arthritis of the joints can introduce in the diet a nutritional Supplement, vitamin and mineral complexes with a content of such elements:

  • Selenium – an antioxidant for elimination from the body of free radicals.
  • Magnesium – to strengthen the cartilage fibers;
  • Vitamin C – to strengthen the body's defenses;
  • Pantothenic acid – to stabilize the acid balance in the body;
  • Iron – to correct deficiency anemia;
  • Extracts of the thymus gland to increase immunity.

In the treatment of arthritis recommended to take the herbal medicines – curcumin as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, ginger is a versatile natural medicine that reduces the acidity, feverfew is an excellent remedy for fever, arthritis and migraine.

Surgical treatment

If conservative methods of treatment of arthritis does not give a positive result, there is severe deformity of the joints, increased pain and other clinical symptoms of the disease, stop the progressing process is possible only through surgical methods:

  • Removal of a fragment of synovium;
  • Transplantation of cartilage cut;
  • Hip replacement prosthesis;
  • Implantation of a metal support into the joint, as an imitation of the articular surface.

To invasive methods of treating arthritis include puncture and lavage of the synovial cavity of various drugs. The procedure is carried out in 3-4 stages of development of rheumatoid arthritis.