Arthritis of the hip: symptoms and treatment, first aid in case of an unexpected attack of pain

The inflammatory process develops in the following cases:

  • autoimmune pathology. The reason – threat of the disease (lupus erythematosus). The immune system fights off cells and tissues of the body mistaking them for "outsiders". Require maintenance therapy for life;
  • disruptions in metabolic processes. Among pathologies – diabetes, gout;
  • effect of diseases of viral and infectious nature (a reactive form of arthritis). In rare cases, joint pathology occurs with ulcerative colitis, Whipple's disease and Crohn's;
  • undue stress on the area of the hip joint;
  • Arthritis de coxae iuncturam
  • the development of related diseases, various pathologies: osteoarthritis, flat feet.

In the troubled region blood circulation, decreased production of synovial fluid, enhanced friction. Gradually, the cartilage tissue becomes inflamed, a negative process affects many parts of the joint.


Classification of the arthritis of the joints conducted on the causes of the inflammatory process:

  • rheumatoid arthritis. Complex form with unclear etiology. Scientists suggest that this type of articular pathology develops when genetic defects of the immune system;
  • tuberculous arthritis. The main category of patients – children. Initially, the pathogen multiplies in the lungs and then in the kidneys, articular tissue is affected later. At first – the dim nature of the symptoms, gradual increase of symptoms;
  • traumatic. Causes minor injuries, recurring with a certain frequency, bruises, severe injuries of the joints;
  • infectious or reactive arthritis. The reason is reflected in the title – inflammation accompanied by bacterial, fungal or viral infection;
  • dystrophic. Causes: deficiency of vitamins, minerals, hypothermia, excessive physical exertion;
  • transit coke. A variation occurs in children from 4 to 7-8 years. The exact causes pathology scientists still can not name. The child is experiencing discomfort, there is claudication in the groin sometimes occurs pain.


Classification of arthritis is performed with consideration of characteristic symptoms:

  • gouty arthritis. Inflammation, redness of the affected area, tissue swelling, reduced mobility of the patient's joint. Periodically there are severe pain, to annoy the patient for several hours;
  • rheumatic form. A common form of pathology of the musculoskeletal system. Marked swelling of the problem area, the patient difficult to move, in the morning, there is stiffness;
  • psoriatic arthritis. Pathological changes is a complication of psoriasis. Over the inflammation of the joint, the skin becomes bluish tint, and pain occur in the spine;
  • Signa et Symptomata
  • purulent form. The main category of patients suffering from infectious diseases, has a weakened immune system. The danger of this form of pathology is the abundance of the purulent masses in the inflammation of the joint, the General intoxication of the organism. The joint and the tissue around swollen, the skin over a problem area is hot to the touch often increases not only the local temperature.

Symptoms and signs

The risk of arthritis in the hip joint area – the frequency of the pain. The discomfort of the patient hurts constantly, sometimes pains are almost there, the person calms down, but the inside of the joint inflammation develops. Often, patients come to the orthopedic surgeon, traumatology later, when pathology moved to medium or medium-heavy form.

Main features:

  • stiffness in region of the problematic joint after waking up;
  • redness, swelling of tissues of different degrees, the local temperature rise;
  • recurring and pain to subside.


Periodic joint pain, consult an orthopedic surgeon, traumatology, rheumatology . The doctor will specify the symptoms, the duration of occurrence of negative phenomena, will give a direction on analyses and in-depth examination.

To identify articular pathology will help:

  • radiography;
  • Ultrasound problem areas;
  • clinical analysis of urine and blood;
  • CT and MRI (more common in medium-heavy/severe).

General rules and methods of treatment

How to treat arthritis of the pelvis hip joint? As with other pathologies of musculoskeletal system, treatment for arthritis in the pelvis in the hip area are important systematic, comprehensive approach. The scheme of treatment depends on the nature of negative changes, joint status, patient's age, presence/absence of background pathologies.

First aid for the sudden attack of pain


  • apply to problem areas pepper patch. To enhance the effect from the top wrap the body with a scarf or a warm cloth;
  • Primo auxilium pro inopinatum impetum doloris
  • rubbing the affected area with essential oils. Reduce pain esters of lavender, peppermint, rosemary. Ask the doctor what kind of essential oil is right for you, consider contraindications;
  • apply on the painful part aloe Vera juice or apply a cabbage leaf. Gradually the pain will subside;
  • drink any analgesic. Remember: pain pills mask the symptoms but do not eliminate the cause of discomfort. The development of the inflammatory process will lead to a new attack of pain.

Drug therapy

Recommended the following groups of drugs:

  • NSAIDs. Non-steroidal drugs to slow down the inflammatory process, relief of pain. Medication, in addition to positive effects on the joints adverse effects on many organs. Uncontrolled NSAIDs is prohibited. ;
  • antibiotics, anti-viral and anti mycotic agentibus compositions. The doctor will select the drug after establishing the cause and type of pathogen: mandatory de culturis of problem areas. Pills on their own initiative to fight the infection worsens the quality of treatment: no precise definition of what a germ or virus multiplies in the joint, it is impossible to find the right drug;
  • chondro protectores. Formulations restore cartilage tissue, improve elasticity, articular mobility of the apparatus. Dietary supplements and drugs prescribed by a doctor. ;
  • funds to strengthen the immune system, vitamin-mineral complexes. Inflammation of the joints is important to maintain the body, strengthen the fight against infection. Choose compositions with complex effects on the body, a maximum range of biologically active substances, minerals. Particularly valuable for cartilage b vitamins and tocopherol.

Physical therapy

Modern methods recommended in the period of remission. Physiotherapy complementary medical treatment, eliminate the inflammatory process.

Effective methods:

  • ultrasound;
  • electrophoresis with drugs;
  • chiropractic;
  • laser treatment;
  • massage;
  • magnetic therapy;
  • acupuncture.
Please note! Good effect is given special exercises. Physical therapy for arthritis excludes squats, classes are held in position lying or sitting. Many experts recommend swimming for health maintenance of musculoskeletal system.


Among patients suffering from problems with the joints of the pelvis the femoral region, a lot of candidates for the operation. In advanced pathologies surgical treatment eliminates the preconditions for pain and discomfort, gets the joy of movement.

Surgery has contraindications. After conduct surgery, the patient can safely go about their daily business or to perform certain operations with a minimum list of limitations.

Principal surgical treatment:
  • osteotomy is performed with an average degree of destruction of cartilage. The surgeon moves the affected surface of the joint to the main load fell on the healthy part. After surgery, the patient should lose weight to minimize the load;
  • total joint replacement is recommended in patients with advanced disease, a large area of tissue damage. Destroyed land, the surgeon replaces the synthetic joint. After rehabilitation the patient is partially or completely restores mobility, get rid of the pain. For replacement there are restrictions on age, medical reasons.

Looking for a good orthopedic surgeon, carefully study the reviews about a specific specialist, ask licensed, experience.


An understanding of the nature of the pathology will help to reduce the risk of developing arthritis. Analyze predisposing factors, consider how you can adjust your lifestyle. Orient on the recommendations of doctors.

Praeventionis mensuras

Warn of inflammatory processes in the area of the hip joint following measures:

  • adjustment of the loads during the professional activities;
  • lifting weights according to the norms for your gender and age;
  • proper nutrition, a varied diet, the rejection of the abuse of salt;
  • eating whole, natural foods (fish oil, oat bran), dietary Supplements, vitamin and mineral drugs for the health of the musculoskeletal system and the whole body;
  • timely treatment of infectious diseases of different etiology, prevention of intoxication;
  • physical activity, prevention of prolonged static loads on the legs;
  • sufficient fluid intake throughout the day;
  • strengthening the immune system;
  • examination by experts with the passage of the prof examination.

If you suspect osteoarthritis of the hip do not delay your visit to the doctor. Remember that severe illness often leads to complex operations.