What can be done from your home treatment? It turns out that there are many possibilities how to help their patients bones, and the whole body, because it is impossible to separate musculoskeletal from other systems. Everything is interrelated, and disturbance in one organ leads to problems in other places.


Therefore, in the first place when you home treatment comes proper nutrition through which we receive the necessary materials. Deficiency of vitamins and minerals, on the one hand, and the excess of harmful substances, on the other, will certainly lead to serious problems in the exchange, nervous, digestive systems, which ultimately impact on the joints.

Quod fieri potest, dum in domum curatio

For example, the use of large quantities of sweet, starch products has led to the imbalance. Unconditionally detrimental for the joints Smoking and abuse of alcoholic beverages. Of the problems of the last decades are products that contain preservatives, GMOs, dyes, flavor enhancers and flavorings. Modern production is almost completely stuffed with all kinds of chemicals and find healthy, high-quality sausage, for example, it is not so easy. Hence the conclusion: try to eat fresh vegetables, fruits, food, which minimized the introduction of human "chemistry".

Special recommendations regarding diet for arthritis at home, it is worth noting the favorable healing effect of apples, sorrel, sea buckthorn berries and currants, asparagus, blueberries. Interesting recipe based on rice for strengthening and stretching of cartilage, ligaments and bones harmful salt deposits. You need to soak a Cup of rice for 5-7 hours. Strain and pour in a container of two cups of water, which should be boiled until tender. Ready the rice washed, divided into four parts. Before the use of rice is recommended to drink a glass of water. In addition to rice a day to drink the decoction of dog rose in the following days, use 2 apples per day or 200 grams of boiled beets. For reviews of patients, such a diet is most effective for arthritis of the feet, spurs, arthrosis of the limbs.


Reviewing the principles of nutrition, the following is almost an indispensable item in the total therapy at home arthritis joints becomes balneotherapy, or simply – bathing treatment. About the treatment, mud baths in spas is a separate topic; if you have such possibility, do not think, go to the resort! But at home, too, can heal your joints and body in General using therapeutic baths.

Take, for example, a bath on fir branches for the treatment of arthritis. They (the needles of a fir or pine) are known for their anti-inflammatory effect. We need preferably fresh cut spruce twigs, pour hot water. After standing for half an hour, and, if necessary, to cool the water to a comfortable temperature, put in water sore feet or hands in the basin, or to fall themselves entirely into the bath with fir branches. After the procedure, immediately followed by warm, lie down under a blanket at least half an hour. It is believed that 6-7 receptions baths will give a significant relief to the body from arthritis.

Another form of therapeutic baths is the use of sea salt. It is available in pharmacies. A certain amount of it pour into a warm bath, stirred, and then the man, as usual, takes a bath about 30 minutes.



Yes, my dear, you know as you with arthritis is difficult and painful to perform any gymnastic exercises! No need for the aggravation of jumping and jumping, we're talking about remission from arthritis, when the disease gives some respite, but the pain is quite tolerable. Then a small regular set of simple physical exercises will not allow the rigidity of the affected joints. Among other things, their absence will inevitably lead to osteoarthritis of the joints, when it is impossible without pain will bend the elbow, knee, wrist. Physiotherapy increases circulation in the blood vessels and capillaries, through which nutrients are delivered to the joints, cartilage, synovial fluid.

We won't talk about a specific set of exercises to perform at home. He seems intuitive and so. Any rotational motion, bends, stretching of the joints — it will all be useful if you do smoothly like a yogi, slowly, gently, without jerks! Bother the fingers on both hands clenching into a fist and open the hand; pain in knee – lie on your back, bending your knees and if going by bike. By the way, the exercise bike at home is a great way to strengthen muscular structure, ligaments and not to give rigidity to the joints! In addition to gymnastics, we particularly recommend swimming in a pool or pond, but only to monitor the water temperature. In any case, do not re cool joints arthritis!


Another advantage of treating arthritis at home is the massage. If disease struck the fingers, hands, elbows, cervical spine Department, knees, feet – all very amenable to self-massage. Do not have to ask for this home, or visit expensive salons massage therapist. The man himself almost all the joints may be massage. Than massage can help with arthritis? He, like gymnastic exercises, increases circulation, accelerates venous blood, enriches it with oxygen. Nutrients with a large "diligence" are delivered to problem areas of the musculoskeletal system.

Massage should be done in the period of weakening of arthritis. In severe swelling and redness of the skin surface, you can do simple stroking warm hands. In this state do not have to grind to the pain and unwanted "power" techniques of Thai massage. Arthritis enough stroking, especially if we are talking about arthritis of the small joints. Only in rare types of hip, knee, and spinal arthritis valid confident, delicate punching around the articular muscles of the body.

The use of tools for grinding of natural components is a great idea. For example, honey massage better to do with liquid honey in the bath (on dry face in the room turns very painful). It's enough to cover the palm of honey and a faint Pat, and grind to "treat" the affected area.

Or cook with herbs (sabelnik, burdock, birch leaves, cranberries, etc.) means to RUB the affected joints. This massage will be doubly useful.


Dressings from natural ingredients and medicinal plants – the most common and efficient method for topical treatment of arthritis at home. Here I will share just two recipes, although there are thousands of options, how to help the joints in arthritis pain.


Recipe for yogurt home treatment for arthritis. You will need a powdered chalk, half a Cup of yogurt. Mix to form a slurry. Apply on the affected joint, over the tape and the scarf/shawl is standard procedure after applying the compress. Leave it on overnight. Several treatments are usually enough to the pain subsided.

Cabbage poultice. Take a large cabbage leaf, to make thin cuts, so made the juice. Heat over the stove or otherwise. Lubricate the sheet with a thin layer of liquid honey. Applied to the joint. Again the same procedure: wrap, shawl, lay all night with him warm.


For most people, treatment of arthritis at home much nicer and more comfortable mentally and physically. At home you can also take a course of drug therapy, the use of instruments of physical therapy. All of this will be the main methods of treatment. But as an addition to home treatment, you can use the methods listed in this article. In addition, do not forget about the recipes of traditional medicine (tinctures, ointments). Of course, to seek the advice of a doctor if this is the first thing. Take care of yourself and get well!