Soda in rheumatoid arthritis

Of the huge number of treatment methods should be considered the most common and accessible to everyone.

Use gelatin

Gelatin is widely known as a thickener in cooking. But few know that it effectively helps relieve the symptoms of arthritis, promotes regeneration of cartilage tissue. All this is due to the high content of Proline and lysine, which are responsible for the restoration and synthesis of cartilage. The availability and efficiency of gelatin makes it a very popular tool in the fight against arthritis and arthrosis, efficiently complementing the overall therapy and exercise.

Tincture of gelatin. For the preparation of medicinal tinctures, you will need:

Arthritis is inflammatio artus
  • 2 tsp gelatin powder;
  • 200 ml of hot water (divide into two parts).

The two components join and leave at night to granules was completely dissolved and the swelling. The next day in the resulting mass add more warm water or any juice, stirred to obtain a homogeneous liquid. Make a tincture should be in the morning on an empty stomach, half an hour before meals.

You can make a delicious therapeutic dessert, concentrated milk jelly. Ingredients we need:

  • 2 teaspoons of dry gelatin;
  • 150 ml warm milk;
  • sugar or honey.

Gelatin and milk mix, add sugar or honey what everyone prefers. Then leave the mixture for half an hour. Then put it on a slow fire, stirring constantly to dissolve all gelatin. Most importantly do not let the mixture boil, but just bring to hot. After hardening this dish can be consumed without restrictions.

Uti gelatina

People who do not suffer from hypersensitive taste buds, you can use a normal aqueous solution of 1 tbsp gelatin and Cup of warm water. The ingredients are stirred until complete dissolution of grains. The drink should be taken twice a day to relieve discomfort.

Very effective is a compress using gelatin. This will need to take the cheesecloth, fold it into several layers and moistened in warm water. Wet the cloth with a thin layer of gelatin is poured and placed twice.

Cloth cover the problem area, insulated dry dense material and tie. This compress should be kept around 30 minutes each day, the treatment lasts for 7-10 days.

Soda as a cure

Another culinary ingredient copes with the task of improving the condition of joints is a sodium bicarbonate, or common baking soda. When taking this white powder in food in the body receives carbonic acid:

  • increasing the alkaline balance;
  • provoking the urine excretory system;
  • actively removes chlorine and sodium.

The result of this cleansing is the increased potassium in tissues, which is directly responsible for elasticity of tissues, improves metabolism at the cellular level.

The soda helps:

Nitri ut remedium
  • taking arthritis pain;
  • to reduce inflammation;
  • restores the functional capacity of the connective tissue.

In the first place could cure arthritis, taking a solution of soda and water. It is made up of a certain amount of powder, dissolved in a glass of warm water. Begin course month treatment with a dosage of 3 g, gradually increasing it to 15 g. Drinking the medicine is necessary 2 — 3 times a day on an empty stomach, half an hour before meals.

We recommend taking soda solutions patients who have arthritis is infectious in nature, as soda is able to increase cellular immunity.

In addition to drinking, using soda do packs.

To prepare the first pack will need soda, sea salt, mustard powder and honey. All these ingredients are thoroughly mixed until a homogeneous mass. This ointment is applied on the affected joint, covered with foil and wrapped in woolen cloth. Keep the compress need all night.

A strong penetrating effect has a compress of soda, rye bread and homemade yogurt, so it's best used in the treatment of the spine and large joints. All the elements are mixed and put in a warm place for 6 hours. The resulting mass is applied to a fabric of cotton and put on sore spots.

There is also a heating compress using baking soda. It also includes kerosene and honey. Components are mixed in proportions: 1 part soda to 10 parts of kerosene and honey. The product is applied on a cotton cloth and kept on the sick joints for about an hour or until feeling a slight burning sensation. As such the compress is not too good for the skin, after using it apply a rich cream or vegetable oil, and the sore spot is wrapped up in woolen cloth.

You can also take baths with soda and sea salt before bed.

Treatment with sabelnik

Medicinal properties sabelnik has long been known. It is a plant widely used by traditional healers for the treatment of infectious arthritis and salt deposits in the joints. As an additional means it has a positive effect on psoriatic arthritis, the symptoms of which eliminate is difficult.

For medical purposes use the root of this plant. First of all it prepare infusion by adding crushed raw materials into alcohol and infusing for 20 days. Finished tincture filter and take 3 times a day for 3 weeks.

From sabelnik and garlic is quite strong immuno stimulant, which will speed up the healing process. For its preparation you need to take 1 tbsp of dry ingredients, cover with water and boil for 5 minutes. Should take 3 times a day with or without food.

From the infusion you can prepare a healing salve that will help to quickly relieve pain and reduce inflammation. To do this, take 1 tsp of tincture, a tube of any cream, 1 tsp. tincture of red pepper, 1 tablespoon of honey and 10 drops of vitamin E, all mix until a homogeneous mass. Store this ointment in the refrigerator.

balneis cum nitro et mare salis, ante lectus
For people who are receiving infusion with alcohol is contraindicated, it is possible to prepare a non-alcoholic medicine: the crushed roots sabelnik pour a glass of water and allow to infuse for two hours. Drink this infusion before each meal at the rate of 70 ml at a time.

To enhance the massage effect it is possible to prepare oil-based sabelnik. Need raw material of this plant mix with sunflower or vegetable oil and let stand for one month. After this period the oil is filtered and used to massage arthritic joints.

Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis is complex and lengthy, so it is better to prevent the destruction of joints. And with the appearance of the first symptoms it is important to consult a doctor. Only if all medical measures possible to stop the destruction of the joints and return freedom of movement.