Arthritis of the joints. Treatment of arthritis folk remedies, their effectiveness

What is arthritis? It is a very unpleasant disease, characterized by inflammatory process in the joints. Pathology can develop spontaneously. In this case we are talking about an acute form of the disease. But sometimes it attacks the joints gradually. This clinic indicates that chronic arthritis of the joints.

Quid est arthritis

Treatment of arthritis folk remedies will benefit, if started at the first signs of the disease.

Typical symptoms

This is a very common ailment. According to statistics, almost 80% of the population is arthritis of the joints.

Symptoms of pathology:

  • swelling, redness of the joint;
  • deformation joint;
  • the loss of its mobility;
  • fever;
  • concerned about severe and frequent pain in the joint especially in the morning;
  • impotence, weakness;
  • insomnia;
  • periodically appear nagging pain;
  • constant fatigue;
  • fever (sometimes).

It is important to carefully treat such manifestations. If in the morning you notice swelling of joints, and their development takes time, you feel some stiffness and pain, then there is every reason to suspect arthritis. The treatment of joints folk remedies will stop the process of destruction. Therefore, when the symptoms do not tighten time. As early as possible consult a doctor.

Folk remedies

The question often arises: whether the old recipes can help fight this disease like arthritis of the joints? Treatment of arthritis folk remedies practiced since ancient times. Such methods allow to deal with illness when chemical drugs were not yet known.

diligenter tractare huiusmodi manifestationes

That is why effective pick up old recipes only with your doctor.

Therapy compresses

Treatment of arthritis knee joint folk remedies involves several tasks. It aims to eliminate pain, relieve inflammation, reduction of swelling and stimulation of the repair of cartilage tissue.

The most common are the following packs:

  1. Cabbage leaf. Only use fresh leaf. Brush the surface with honey. Place the leaf on the knee joint. Top with the warm compress and rigidly lock it. This tool will have a positive impact on cartilage, reduce inflammation, get rid of edema. Compress is recommended to set at night. It should repeat daily until swelling and pain disappear.
  2. Crudum solanum tuberosum
  3. Blue clay. This is one of the most powerful components, allowing you to deal effectively with pathology. Treatment of arthritis knee joint folk remedies based on blue clay provides anti-tumor effects, improve metabolism, enrichment of the tissues with minerals and trace elements. To do this compress very easily. Dilute in warm water blue clay to the consistency of sour cream home. This lineup lubricate the affected knee. Be sure the compress is covered with plastic and insulate. The duration of such events is 3-4 hours. After the procedure, lubricate the oil or moisturizer on the skin cover. The event will repeat the next day. However, remember that you should only use new clay. The material used is not good. The number of such procedures depends on the patient. Therefore, this issue is best discussed with your doctor.
  4. A raw potato. This product is the strongest analgesic. In addition, it is inherent in early healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Arthritis of the knee joints take the raw tuber of medium size. Chop it. The resulting slurry should be applied to the damaged joint all night. The procedure is repeated every night until the pain and discomfort will not disappear completely.

The above packs are allowed to use not only for the knee. They can be applied to any joint damaged by arthritis.

Pinus acus

Efficient grind

Excellent analgesic effect will have a homemade ointment. However, the peculiarity of this therapy is the need to carry out all the recommended activities regularly.

In the fight with disease benefits the following recipes:

  1. Honey grind. It is used most often if the patient is diagnosed with arthritis of the hip joint. Treatment of folk remedies containing honey, can achieve excellent analgesic effect. This means you will need ingredients: honey, alcohol, glycerin, and iodine. Take all ingredients in equal amounts. Mix the above ingredients, leave the mixture for 3 hours. Grind is only used topically. Take a piece of cotton or gauze and soak in a mixture. Then apply it to the affected joint. The surface needs to be moistened in such a composition in the direction from bottom to top. Apply not only on the damaged area but also the adjacent areas. This will greatly improve blood circulation in the hip and accelerate the healing process.
  2. Mint ointment. This is another effective recipe that will ease the suffering of the patient with such pathology as arthritis of the hip joint. Treatment of folk remedies should begin as soon as found to be an unpleasant pathology. So you can count on the effectiveness of therapy. For the preparation of the ointment should be 50 g fresh mint chop. The component add the chopped leaves of eucalyptus (50 g). Part enter the aloe Vera juice – 50 ml. Stir the ointment until smooth. The hip joint is recommended to lubricate this mixture three times a day.
  3. Grind for the early stages of the disease. Prepare the following components: normal water, vodka, vinegar (6%), ammonia. These components take in equal proportions. In this mixture soak a cotton swab. RUB the aching joint. Most often this tool is used for treatment of the knee. No less a therapeutic effect it will bring, if there is evidence of arthritis of the ankle joint. Treatment of folk remedies should be supplemented with massage. In this case it is recommended after application to grind for several minutes to massage the affected area. This is quite effective RUB for treatment of arthritis of the hands.

Bath vs pathology

Treatment of arthritis of the joints of the hands folk remedies includes all of the above recipes. In addition, a favorable effect will bring tubs. They use a variety of therapeutic infusions.

The following recipes will significantly ease the painful condition of the patient:

  1. Pine needles. You will need about 300 g of this component. Pour the pine needles in water 500 ml, Bring to the boil. Then give the broth to infuse for 4 hours in a warm place. After straining pour the mixture into the bath. The procedure lasts 20 minutes. Take these baths are recommended in a day. To achieve maximum effectiveness of this therapy, you will need to pass the entire course. It usually consists of 12-15 baths.
  2. A mixture of herbs. If diagnosed with arthritis of the elbow joint, treatment of folk remedies can be produced as follows. Take 200 g of leaves of sage and chamomile pharmacy. This composition pour boiling water – 0.5 liters, Insist the remedy for about 2 hours. Strain the infusion and pour into the tub. The water temperature should be 38 degrees. Bathe for 20 minutes. It is recommended to repeat this procedure every other day. The therapeutic course makes 15 baths.
  3. Fir oil. Patients who are diagnosed with arthritis of the ankle joint, treatment of folk remedies with the assistance of this component will bring significant relief. These trays can also be effected by the defeat of disease of the hands. Pour into a basin of warm water (the temperature should reach 39 degrees). Add the liquid 5-6 drops of fir oil. Submerge feet or hands. The event lasts 10-15 minutes. After the procedure, RUB into affected joints pre-prepared mixture. It consists of fir oil diluted neutral cosmetic oil (1:1). It is recommended to repeat 10-12 times these trays. If the disease passed into a chronic form, the event should be carried out regularly for 1 year.

Treatment of the foot

Quite effective is the use of sea salt. It should not be forgotten that for such pathologies as arthritis of the joints of the foot, treatment of folk remedies can be used any of the above methods.

So, how to use sea salt to combat the pathology? Use it for massage. This is a simple, safe, yet very effective method of treatment of arthritis.

You need the pan to warm sea salt. Then pour it on a cloth or in a regular bowl. Start to step on it with bare feet until it gets cold. The duration of the massage – 5 minutes.

Additional recommendations

Most folk remedies can be used to treat any form of arthritis. But some types of therapy will provide better performance in certain types of illness.

Doctors recommend to consider the following recommendations:

  1. Pathology of the hip joint. Significantly reduce the unpleasant sensation of pain will allow a warm bath with herbs. To combat this arthritis use decoctions of the following components: oak bark, celandine, chamomile, calamus root, pine buds and young needles.
  2. The knee joint. Disease are advised to treat grind and applications. Quite effective is the following means. Mix turpentine (100 g) and equal amount of vodka. Add to olive mixture (sesame, sunflower) oil – 2-3 tbsp part enter a few drops of camphor oil. In the resulting tool, moisten the gauze and wrap it the joint. Cover with polythene and warm. This compress it is desirable to put for the night. It is recommended to repeat this event 6 days in a row. Knee pain will pass.
  3. Arthritis of the shoulder joint. Treatment of folk remedies can get rid of the excruciating pain. The best effect will ensure the rubbing alcohol. It is recommended to use the following plants: burdock root, walnut leaves, roots of elecampane and dandelion. You can use a combination of such ingredients. Any of the plants, pour alcohol. The ratio of the following: 150 grams of raw material per 500 ml of alcohol. Filled with the mixture was incubated for 14 days in a dark place. Fluid apply to grind.
  4. Ankle joint. It is recommended to keep in a special bath. For this procedure, you must warm the water (1 liter), add mustard (1 tbsp) cinnamon (1 tsp).
  5. Arthritis of the foot. Relief will bring a poultice of burdock or young leaves of a fern. Procedure do for the night. Should the affected foot to wrap a few leaves of the plant. Then pull on the foot the sock is made of cotton fabric. From top to wear wool.
  6. Pathology of the temporomandibular joint. Will help a variety of an application that compresses. Doctors recommend the use of mud. A great impact will provide the paraffin baths. Such events pain relief joint and reduce the inflammation.
  7. Arthritis of the jaw joint. For this disease recommended heating application. The most suitable components for these activities are mustard, turpentine, camphor oil, turpentine pine. To reduce inflammation will allow a vinegar compress. Better for the procedure suitable Apple cider vinegar.

But do not forget that before using any folk remedies you must consult with your doctor.