Massage for arthritis

With the development of arthritis, a person feels reduced mobility in diseased joints. The progression of the disease often leads to disability and disability. If not timely treatment, the result of progressive arthritis becomes symptomatic. This complication is characterized by partial loss of motor activity in the affected joint.

The most severe complication of this disease is ankylosis is complete immobility of the diseased joint. This condition occurs when a complete coalescence of the articular surfaces. If a person is a minor potential for movement, it is usually accompanied by severe pain and discomfort.

The benefits of massage

In the struggle with the complications of arthritis is not enough alone drug therapy. To help people come techniques of therapeutic massage. The positive effect of this procedure is felt at any stage of the disease. Combined treatment of arthritis with physical therapy only in non-exacerbation phase.

Physical effects on the body through massage improves metabolic processes in the area of the diseased joint and its surrounding soft tissues. During the massage accelerates the removal of toxic and harmful substances from the body, which is important for people suffering from arthritis.

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Before the start massage the course it is important to identify such factors:

  • the degree of restriction of motor activity in the diseased joint;
  • biologically meaningful terms, the impact of which has a therapeutic effect;
  • the potential of muscle relaxation;
  • the voltage level of the muscles surrounding the diseased joint.

The impact on the joints through massage is only valid outside the phase of exacerbation. To recognize abate of the pathological process one of the following:

  • the decrease in the intensity of local inflammatory reaction (redness and swelling);
  • remission of the pain syndrome;
  • improvement of General health.

The effect of massage depends on the extent of the disease. The order and frequency of massage treatments is determined individually, based on the type and location of arthritis. When minor illness is enough 5-6 massages. In chronic and severe disease is recommended no less than 20 sessions.

Duration of one session is at least 20 minutes, as in arthritis, there is a need for a thorough study of the region of the joint and surrounding soft tissues.

An invaluable benefit of this procedure results in the following effects:

  • the decrease in the intensity of pain syndrome and elimination of discomfort;
  • enrichment of muscle fibers with oxygen, so muscles don't atrophy and preserve contractile function.
  • improvement of metabolic processes in the affected joint;
  • prevention of the accumulation of pathological fluid in the joint cavity;
  • restoration of mobility in the diseased joint, prevention of deformity and contractures.

To enhance the therapeutic effect of massage treatments recommended to be combined with drug therapy, physiotherapy and curative gymnastics. For the treatment of various forms of arthritis is used segmental and acupressure. Depending on the square footage involved, there are the following types of massage:

  1. Private or local massage, which is characterized by treating a small area of the body. While the private massage may involve the back, upper or lower limb. Duration of one session is not more than half an hour. During the procedure, carried out detailed study of superficial and deeper layers of soft tissue surrounding the joint.
  2. Common massage. In this type of massage is evenly worked out whole body, with emphasis on the painful areas. Duration of this procedure may take up to 1 hour. Schedule medical procedures are selected individually. General massage can be performed daily, every day or according to another schedule.


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Massage, on a background of arthritis, can bring not only benefits but also harm. In order to prevent the development of serious complications, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the basic contraindications to. Such contraindications include:

  • acute inflammatory process in the body;
  • deterioration of General health;
  • impaired coagulation function of the blood;
  • fever and fever of unknown nature;
  • chronic diseases accompanied by nausea and vomiting;
  • excessive physical and emotional overload;
  • severe pain with pressure on the affected joint;
  • diseases of the skin, accompanied by rashes, sores and ulcers.
Absolute contraindications for massage are:
  • diseases of the liver and kidneys in the stage of decompensation:
  • venereal disease;
  • acute myocardial infarction;
  • serious mental disorders and diseases of the Central nervous system.

Local massage it is not recommended to perform people suffering from urolithiasis or inguinal hernia. This procedure is contraindicated for women during menstruation. When pregnancy is strictly forbidden to carry out massage the abdomen, waist and hips.


Before beginning massage therapy, the attending physician determines the form of the disease, its localization and severity. Starting the session, it is recommended to focus on the ailing joint. Therapeutic massage includes the following techniques:techniques

  1. When partially or fully restrained joints are used the techniques of stroking, rubbing and vibration. You need to perform 15-20 repetitions each meal. After that you must go to careful to stretch the joint and its surrounding area. On a heated surface is allowed to perform light tapping and tapping.
  2. The mobility of the diseased joints can be improved by using techniques such as kneading with fingertips and the so-called squeezing carried out by the edge of the palm. Warming up the surrounding muscles, you can go to easy to shake the limbs, then the joint stroke and knead briefly.
  3. If arthritis has affected the area of the elbow joint, massage treatment be muscle lying above and below the elbow. It is appropriate to perform light strokes, followed by grinding, knead and squeeze the edge of his hand.

The duration of each reception is 5-7 minutes. If a person feels the deterioration of the General condition on the background of the massage, the procedure is recommended to delay and seek the advice of a medical professional.

Point impact

The effects of massage on acupressure points improves circulation, relieves swelling and slows the progression of inflammation in arthritis joints. On the background of the point of impact eliminates pain, improves metabolic processes in the body, and restores joint mobility.

To carry out acupressure if the arthritis is recommended a specialist who knows the location of biologically active points. If desired, each person can master the techniques of self massage. It is necessary to study the layout of the key areas that are subjected to point impact.

The search of biologically active points is carried out in such areas:

  • the finger pads;
  • under the gluteal folds;
  • elbows and shoulder pleats;
  • the attachment sites of large muscles;
  • region the beam carpal joints;
  • the tip of the nose.

Acupressure is applied to certain areas may be accompanied by increased nervous excitability or oppression. People suffering from arthritis and impaired mobility, it is recommended to take a soothing acupressure. If arthritis is accompanied by atony and paresis of certain groups of muscles, the massage should bear a tonic effect.

Point method is allowed to execute in the home or in conjunction with sessions of baths or saunas. Before performing self massage should take a comfortable position, relax and start a careful point impact on the active points. The exposure duration on each point is 10-15 seconds. It is important to follow your feelings.

If the massage is accompanied by intense pain and degradation, it is recommended to reduce the amount of clicking on the dots and take a short break. If the technique are met, the person will feel a pleasant warmth in the study area. With the aim of improving the therapeutic effect of acupressure is permissible to perform with the use of anti-inflammatory ointments and creams.

Areas of damaged skin are not the subject of massage effects. After the massage is recommended to do 15 minute break, avoiding abrupt movements in the diseased joint.