Effective treatment for arthritis

There are centuries-tested traditional recipes from this disease that you can use. In this article we will tell you about the most simple and effective of them.

Folk remedy # 1: salted ice

This is probably the easiest folk prescription treatment of arthritis, but it is very effective.

Take 1 liter of cold boiled water and add four tablespoons of ordinary table salt. Thoroughly mix the resulting solution, the salt was left in the sediment.

Then take ice cube trays with small sections, or plastic bags for making ice cubes (they are sold in hardware stores), fill them out and put them in the freezer as long as no ice is formed.

cremor ovorum et mellis

Take the resulting salt ice and put one or more cubes on the affected joint (depending on size of joint). Wait until the ice melts, and then, without washing melt water, carefully wrap the sore joint in a woolen handkerchief and leave for three to four hours. Repeat the procedure daily until the appearance of the effect.

Recipe No. 2: cream egg yolks and honey

To prepare this ointment, take the yolk of one eggs, a small block of beeswax the size of a box of matches, and 1 tablespoon of honey. First you need a water bath to warm the yolk, and then cool it, add the wax and honey, then mix well until a homogeneous mass.

Then take an ordinary medical bandage, cut a piece and fold it in several layers. Use a folded bandage as a "substrate" and put her obtained the ointment (hot) and then attach to the affected joint.

Then lock the medicine, put it on top of the wrap a tight bandage from the bandage. This compress is applied at night before bedtime and leave on all night.

Cream egg yolks and honey is very good at helping to relieve pain in the joints in arthritis.

Tool No. 3: therapeutic juices and drinks

There is a special healing juices and mixtures of juices of various fruits and vegetables that are good for arthritis, if you just drink instead of tea or even with him.

a decoction de Sinus folium

Lingonberries drink: take 2 teaspoons of fresh cranberries and mix them in a glass of water; try to drink at least one glass of this drink a day.

Juice of turnip with honey: take turnip juice and add honey in the ratio of 1 teaspoon of honey in a glass of juice.

Pomegranate-Apple juice: mix pomegranate and Apple juice in a ratio of one to one and drink at least half a Cup a day. Because arthritis very useful for both of these juice can be drunk separately, pomegranate and Apple juices.

Vegetable juice No. 1: take 2 parts of juice of lettuce, 2 parts of cabbage juice and 4 parts of juice of carrots and mix them.

Vegetable juice No. 2: prepare the beetroot and cucumber juice (3 parts each), and add ten parts carrot juice.

Vegetable juice No. 3: prepare and mix the juices of carrot and spinach in the ratio of 5 to 3.

Honey drink: take 50 grams of honey and mix it in a glass of warm water or milk. Drink the beverage every day.

All honey is one of the best folk remedies for arthritis. So try to eat it every day, gradually adding in the tea, milk and other drinks that you normally drink during the day.

Tool # 4: compress from chicken eggs

You can make a compress simply. You need to take two raw fresh eggs and mix them with 4 tablespoons of regular table salt.

Then take a cotton cloth or folded in several layers of sterile medical gauze, adding the obtained emulsion and apply to the affected joint for some time.

After the poultice has dried, remove it, add a bandage or cloth even the same therapeutic agent and re-attach to the affected joint. This procedure must be repeated three times one after the other.

Recipe No. 5: a decoction of Bay leaf

Laurel can be used not only as a wonderful seasoning, but also as an effective folk remedy for arthritis (read more about this amazing herb-healer read this article).

For cooking and medicinal decoction, take a half package of dried Bay leaves that are sold in the store, and add to a pot with 300 ml of boiling water. Leave Bay leaf boiling on the heat for 5 minutes, then remove the bowl of fire.

Cover the pan, how should I wrap her with a blanket and pillows, so that the heat went out as slowly as possible. Leave the decoction to brew for three hours. After this strain received a cure and drink it.

Causa rheumatoid arthritis

To drink a decoction of Bay leaf is required at night, before bed. And every day should be prepared fresh broth because the next day the drug loses its therapeutic properties.

The medicine is need to prepare and drink for three consecutive days, then take a break for 7 days and then drink 3 days in a row. After a year of such treatment is to be repeated.

Tool No. 6: grinding of bread kvass

For cooking this means you will need the usual bread kvass and horseradish root.

Take 250 grams of peeled horseradish root, finely chop it and then crank through a meat grinder, having a homogeneous porridge-like mass. Now add 1 litre of kvas, and mix thoroughly.

Received medication daily wipe the area of the affected joints during the week. As a rule, the effect of reducing pain you will feel on the third or fourth day of treatment.

Tool No. 7: a healing ointment

Mustard-salt ointment

To prepare this ointment take 100 grams of dry mustard powder, 200 g of salt and the wax and stir thoroughly until cream shaped state. Then put the tool on one night in a warm place — and the ointment is ready!

In the evening, before bedtime, slather ointment on the sore joints and RUB it into them until, until it absorbed into the skin (i.e. dry) and go to sleep. If the joints are a bit inflamed and the skin felt swelling, is the night still additionally bind the joints.

In the morning, after waking up, wash the diseased part of the body with warm water. RUB this ointment every day until effect — reduce swelling and reduce pain.

The ointment of birch buds

To prepare this ointment you'll need clay pot, vegetable oil and birch buds themselves. If not, you can use fresh or dried birch leaves.

So, take 400 grams of birch buds and 0.8 liter of vegetable, sunflower, oil. Put in an earthen vessel birch buds in layers.</>

Then tightly seal the container and put it in a warm place (in the old recipes, it is recommended to put it in a warm oven) and leave for a day, but if you used birch buds or leaves in dried form on two days.

Then flow the product through cheesecloth, folded in several layers, and add 6 g of powdered camphor. Why thoroughly mix the ointment and put it to stand in a cold place.

After that the ointment is ready. It is important to apply to the affected area daily at bedtime to obtain a therapeutic effect.

Camphor ointment

Take a third of a teaspoon of powdered camphor and add it to 500 ml of turpentine. Mix thoroughly so that the camphor is dissolved.

After that, to obtained solution add 500 ml of olive oil, better than the first pressing , and then half a liter of pure 96% alcohol. Shake well the obtained peg until smooth.

To apply camphor ointment need. In the evening, before bedtime, start to RUB ointment on sore joints for as long as the salve starts to harden. From top, apply a bandage.

Then you need to warm up the joints: to do this, take a woolen scarf or scarf and tightly tie the sore spot. Then go to bed and remove the bandage in the morning.

Diet in rheumatoid arthritis

Traditional medicine has to offer for treating rheumatoid arthritis in addition to lotions and compresses, and other recipes.

Fish diet. Good effect is given the restoration diet. Among them it is worth to highlight the diet, with a gradual introduction into the diet of fish, mainly marine. The use of marine fish due to the presence in its composition of omega 3 fatty acids that have a positive impact on the joints and slow down the spread of the inflammatory process.

Rice diet

Also useful diet for boiled rice. This product contains special substances that help to dissolve harmful deposits in the joints and ligaments. They mainly cause a violation of the functionality of the connective tissue.

For effective treatment using rice you need to cook it the following way: in the evening a glass of cereals need to fill with water, and in the morning the water is drained and poured clean, which is already boiled rice. Boiled grain, washed and divided into 4 portions for each meal.

During the rice diet specialists recommend to increase the consumption of fresh dog-rose broth, which helps to maintain a high level of vitamins in the body. After every meal you should drink a half glass of ordinary water.

Remember that traditional medicine pays great attention to proper nutrition, which can greatly increase the effectiveness of treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

Arthritis can bring big trouble to the person regardless of the activity in which he has engaged. Rheumatoid arthritis is no exception, but this does not mean that the disease must come to terms.

There are many folk methods of treatment of this ailment that with proper choice of the method can in a short time to remove the unpleasant symptoms. But at the same time we should not forget about nutrition. Often, in varying degrees, the disease manifests itself, including because of the lack of certain vitamins.

Traditional medicine

Therefore, you should add a more varied and balanced products that will provide the body with all necessary vitamins and microelements. This is especially important for those people who have decided to go on a medical diet during which the body loses certain nutrients.

Rheumatoid arthritis is among the most common diseases of the joints. This disease is systemic autoimmune in nature and difficult to treat. Ill mostly older people, in the absence of adequate therapy, the disease leads to severe complications invalidusername character.

It is an issue of choice of adequate therapy of such diseases as rheumatoid arthritis, the treatment should be given continuously and under supervision of a specialist.