How to relieve pain in rheumatoid arthritis

This disease is degeneration, its symptoms over time increase. and the quality of life of the patient, respectively, is deteriorating. At some point he can no longer engage in the usual types of their daily activity than before with no problems.

People diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. can come to despair, since it is known that this chronic illness involves a complete change of lifestyle and a constant struggle with a number of painful symptoms which are difficult to control.

The good news is that medical progress has led to the emergence of new drugs and medical procedures that improve the quality of life of people forced to fight this disease.

It is important that patients was struggling with illness and never gave up. when it seems that the disease wins.

Opportune accessum ad doctores

In most cases, completely cure rheumatoid arthritis impossible. However, following the recommendations of specialists, we can relieve many of the symptoms of the disease and significantly improve the quality of life.

We present 7 key recommendations that will help to fight this disease.

1. Timely access to doctors

It is very important to consult a doctor when the first symptoms of arthritis . This will allow you to quickly get a diagnosis and necessary treatment.

This disease it is advisable to diagnose as early as possible. then it is easier to fight, easier to control the symptoms and prevent irreversible deterioration of the joints.

2. To know more about the disease

One of the main problems is that sufferers of rheumatoid arthritis typically know little about their illness.

maybe they were just afraid to find out about all the unpleasant things associated with it. But you need to understand that for a successful fight against the disease on her need to know more and more .

Including that there are many medicines that help to ease the symptoms of arthritis and improve quality of life. And that to successfully fight the disease will help change their way of life .

physica justo

3. Change diet

On the topic of proper nutrition in rheumatoid arthritis an ongoing debate. Some experts believe that the disease is not associated with the type of food. others argue that for the more successful treat the symptoms we need to change the diet.

Different studies have shown that the permeability of the intestine, the deterioration of its microflora, the growth of fungus and bad bacteria and acidity of the body contribute to the autoimmune attack on the joints.

Therefore it is very important to exclude from the diet is not healthy foods and increase your intake of probiotics, fruits and vegetables .

4. Try not to eat animal products

In many cases it is difficult to determine what foods cause inflammation. However, it is known that products of animal origin, particularly meat, degrade the condition of patients with rheumatoid arthritis, because provoke breach of the bowel.

5. Go on a diet low in fat

Products with low fat content. as, for example, grains, fruits and vegetables, contribute to improvement of intestinal microflora. and because of this unpleasant symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

6. Take disease

To think that all was lost, that with the establishment of such a diagnosis is life actually ended -incorrect and non-constructive approach, especially when the patient only thinks about how things will be really bad, and exaggerates the symptoms of the disease.

A wrong attitude in relation to the disease brings not only emotional harm, but harm physically: the pain may worsen, the drugs act worse.

Aliis modis curatio domi

The adoption of disease-it is a device which helps to fight with her, helps to improve the quality of life.

7. Patience

The symptoms of arthritis can manifest itself in such a way that in one day the patient feels well and the other in pain and fatigue .

Pain, fatigue, physical limitations can cause a bad mood and frustration. But they can be overcome only by patience. Patience -an indispensable ally in the fight against this disease.

Rheumatoid arthritis: how to treat at home

Pain in the joints rather unpleasant problem. The cause may be a disease such as rheumatoid arthritis, the treatment at home, which gives positive results.

How to relieve pain at home

Relieve pain with this arthritis help warming rubbing. One of the common recipes – a mixture of chicken egg yolk, vinegar and turpentine. This composition is rubbed into the sore spots. Relief comes fairly quickly.

Quite effective compress grate raw potatoes. The resulting slurry was put in hot water and spread on the affected area, covered with a handkerchief, wrapped the top with foil and coat with a handkerchief.

I work at home rubbing juice black radish tincture of hot pepper or garlic. These products have a local irritant and warming effect, which reduces pain.

Treatment for rheumatoid arthritis herbs

Herbal treatment is aimed at the General health of the body, increase immunity. For these purposes, used decoctions of the roots of the dandelion, tincture of rose hips. Perfectly supports weakened body grass primrose. In its raw form it is used in salads, and prepare a decoction.

An excellent means are decoctions of the leaves of currant, cowberry, blueberry. They will help with a strong deposition of salts. Well reduces inflammation brewing Bay leaf. Such broth drink 3 times a day.

Other methods of treatment at home

Freedom from disease folk remedies complement physiotherapy and massage. These treatments improve circulation, which promotes nutritious food inflamed tissue with oxygen and other necessary nutrients.

Mutare victu

Treatment method can be called to get rid of bad habits and a complete composition of the food. Rheumatoid arthritis is recommended to eat more vegetables, greens, dairy products. Well to reduce the amount of salt in the diet and, conversely, its complement a variety of cereals.

During exacerbation of prohibited use:

  1. protein (over one gram);
  2. smoked;
  3. citrus;
  4. chocolate;
  5. coffee;
  6. spirits.

But it should also be remembered that the home treatment is only a Supplement to the basic therapy prescribed by your doctor. Traditional medicine is just an additional tool, which does not exclude the treatment of drug drugs.