Treatment of arthritis of the feet at home

Pathology is accompanied by:

  • the sharp pain;
  • the distortion of the shape of the fingers;
  • limitation of motion of the joints;
  • problems while walking;
  • immobilization of the foot;
  • disability if neglected.

The causes of disease

The pathology of the joints of the foot is a common phenomenon in the modern world. Causes of arthritis of the foot is not always associated with the person's age. This disease can develop as the elderly and young people.

The pathological process in the joints develops under the influence of the following factors:

At-risk professional athletes, people whose profession is connected with the lifting and carrying of barbers, surgeons, dentists, and t/d..

Quid est osteoarthritis pedis


Any kind of arthritis has common symptoms, but some forms have individual symptoms. Common signs include pain, swelling, fever in the affected areas, the appearance of redness, as well as disorders of the joint.

Symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis following:

  1. Periodic stiffness in the joints of the foot.
  2. Pain during movement, fatigue.
  3. A General deterioration in health, similar to the signs of the flu.

Diagnosed only a doctor, you should not do it independently on the basis of symptoms confirm the diagnosis can only special tests.

Gouty arthritis is different coming sudden seizures, during which very much hurt the affected joints of both big toes. It usually starts a night and lasts for several days.

The pain may become stronger with a slight touch of the affected joint. In addition, there is a bump at the base of the finger joints.

Whatever the reason may have this disease, it will always have some similar clinical signs. To be precise, these are all signs of inflammation:

main symptoms:

  1. Pain during walking, causing the change of gait.
  2. Chronic fatigue and fatigue.
  3. Stiffness when walking or moving the leg.
  4. Swelling at the site of inflammation.
  5. The temperature increase in the affected area.
  6. Redness of the skin over the joint.
  7. For infectious forms of arthritis characterized by increased body temperature and fever.

The symptoms of arthritis of the foot is very recognizable. Typically, this disease is characterized by acute pain in the joints. During prolonged exercise it may increase. In the initial stages of the disease the pain appears in the morning, after waking up. Over time, will become more regular.

Diagnosis arthritis

Diagnosis of arthritis

If you have symptoms of arthrosis you must consult a podiatrist. An experienced specialist will rule out other diseases with similar signs. Diagnosis begins with medical history, analysis of complaints, external examination, which shall be established:

  • the parameters of the foot;
  • the presence of deformation of the feet;
  • changes of the first toe;
  • swelling, redness;
  • the limited movement in the joint.

To clarify the diagnosis is carried out:

  • biochemical analysis of blood to detect inflammation.
  • x-ray study reveals the narrowing of the gaps in the joints, changes in the cartilage tissues, the degree of development of the pathology;
  • CT scan – explores the situation of the muscles, ligaments, bone tissues;
  • arthroscopy evaluates the internal state of the joint.


Methods of treatment of arthritis of the foot depend on the type of process and stage of the disease. The task of therapy is to halt the inflammatory process, eliminate symptoms, restore cartilage and of joint mobility.

Traditional treatment is based on complex therapy with the use of anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, hormonal means, and means for neutralization and excretion of urate.

In the regeneration of cartilage tissue important optimize diet. Excludes products with purine (offal, kidneys, liver, legumes, salted fish, bacon, Smoking, alcohol).

Recommended increased consumption of greens (except sorrel and rhubarb), vegetables, fruits, grain cereals, especially wheat. You should drink more fluids, including green tea.

Appropriate diet rich in calcium (dairy products, sesame seeds), chondroitin (marine fish, jellies, jellied), minerals and vitamins, while limiting the consumption of simple carbohydrates and fats.


For the treatment of inflammation in the joints of the feet used complex therapy. It includes medical therapy, physiotherapy, special diet. In very advanced cases, when the disease has destroyed the joint, required surgery.

Despite the high efficiency of traditional therapy, many people with arthritis of the feet prefer folk treatment at home. This decision is due to the following reasons:

  • intolerance of medications;
  • the availability of national resources;
  • safety in pregnancy or lactation;
  • ease of preparation at home;
  • the effectiveness of the treatment tested;
  • lack of side effects.
  • It is no secret that drugs used to treat arthritis, have a devastating impact on vital organs and have a lot of side effects.

    While the use of natural ingredients in the home, influences directly occupied by the arthritis area of the leg.

    The most effective means of traditional medicine can be attributed to the following recipes, used for the treatment at home.

    Vulgares remedia Apple cider vinegar

    In a glass of water, add 1 tea lodges. Apple cider vinegar and drink the resulting before each meal (up to 5 times per day). If the patient has a disease of the stomach, the amount of vinegar is reduced in half. The course of treatment is 15 to 30 days.

    Potato applications in the home

    Greenish potatoes, wash and grate. The resulting slurry is put in warm water and heat up to 38 degrees.

    A little squeeze and put a thick layer on the affected area. Top wrap with cellophane and warm.

    To do before bedtime. The pain disappears after 20 to 30 minutes.

    To relieve swelling and soreness, enough 7 daily sessions at home.

    Garlic tincture

    Effective for arthritis of the feet a garlic tincture prepared at home. For this 5 heads of garlic should be crushed and pour 500 ml of vodka. Insist 10 days. Take 1 h lodges. tincture before each meal, diluted in 20 grams of water. To drink means to the end.

    A compress of garlic from arthritis

    Soak a piece of gauze in garlic juice and applied to inflamed joints. To avoid burns the skin, it is recommended to lubricate the leg thick baby cream. Wrap in cling film and wear wool socks.

    Fieri potest consequatur Chestnut-purple RUB for pain relief

    Flowers of lilac and chestnut to fill the jar 2/3 full. Pour on top of 96% alcohol. Infuse for 21 days. Daily grind received means sore joints. After the procedure, carefully wrap the legs.

    Exercises for the feet

    In the complex treatment of degenerative diseases, great attention is paid to the strengthening of the muscles and joints of the foot. Exercises are aimed at stretching the fingers, their bending. It is useful to perform exercises in the supine position:

    • bend and straighten the fingers at least 20 times;
    • to produce rotational movement of 10 feet in each direction;
    • the position of the feet on the heel to perform the straightening of the foot to a horizontal state and back 15 times.

    Wearing special footwear

    To cope with the unpleasant symptoms and to prevent development of the disease helps to specifically made shoes. The therapeutic effect is orthotics. Choosing the right shoes contributes to the solution of problems of the musculoskeletal system:

    • returns the stop function of attenuation;
    • relieves painful symptoms;
    • reduces inflammation;
    • prevents the development of deformed joints.


    You can learn self-this useful procedure. Massage stimulates the metabolism in the tissues of the muscles, improves blood circulation and nutrition. It is carried out from the toes towards the ankle joint. The procedure includes:

    • according to stroke, RUB, rotating movement for individual fingers;
    • flexion and extension of each;
    • on iron with a pressing surface of the sole, the sides and top of the foot;
    • study of the ankle joint;
    • for nipping, flapping movement in the heel area Achilles tendon.


    To avoid the appearance of unpleasant ailment, it is necessary to observe some simple rules. One of them is a healthy way of life. For the prevention of osteoarthritis requires:

    • to organize proper nutrition;
    • restrict excessive physical exertion;
    • to get rid of excess weight;
    • to reduce the amount of salt;
    • to strengthen the immune system to exclude inflammatory and infectious diseases.

    Preventive methods to the development of osteoarthritis include:

    • use comfortable shoes with flexible soles, orthopedic insoles;
    • elimination of high heels;
    • implementation of gymnastics for the joints of the foot;
    • walking barefoot on grass, sand;
    • avoidance of injuries of the lower extremities;
    • the exception is hypothermia of the feet;
    • self massage of the soles;
    • timely treatment of inflammatory diseases.