Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of arthritis of the fingers

Doctors only make the assumption that the same becomes the reason of development of diseases of the joints, because 100% is still impossible to establish the cause of the disease. In General there are several broad groups of causes:

  • heredity;
  • the metabolic disorders;
  • injury;
  • infectious diseases.

Many diseases in the human body develop from the original predisposition to them: arthritis is no exception. Explain the transmission of this disease by inheritance congenital type of structure joints, which creates a favorable background for the development of arthritis.

Most people who struck the arthritis of the joints of the fingers, parallel to suffer from serious metabolic disorders and diseases of the endocrine glands.

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Good support for illness — frequent colds, SARS and other infectious diseases. Any destruction of the organism — Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, chlamydia, and tuberculosis, and syphilis, can activate the development of the disease.

In the risk zone automatically includes all who have ever suffered fractures, torn ligaments, dislocations and other serious injuries.

The symptoms and course of the disease

Like any other disease, arthritis is chronic and acute. Acute arthritis of the joints of the fingers can be found at the temperature which rises suddenly, acute pain, swollen joints (especially big toe).

A chronic form of arthritis sometimes occurs quickly. The person experiences the following symptoms:

  • nagging, prolonged pain, which are usually in the morning hours;
  • external gradual modification of the joints;
  • a feeling of stiffness of the fingers, they are not obedience;
  • the formation of knots in the phalanx of the fingers;
  • from time to time wrist numbness;
  • General malaise.

Fingers change their appearance very slowly, but at some point, the curvature becomes obvious.

Over and a further development of the disease experience problems with performing normal household actions: for example, it is difficult to keep the mug — it literally slips out of fingers, uncomfortable buttoning, etc.

Treatment of arthritis of the fingers

Arthritis of the fingers is very difficult treatable in the latter stages, but a great positive result can be achieved if you consult a doctor promptly.

When diagnosed with infectious arthritis, treatment involves not only the adoption of measures for the restoration of joints, but control of infection by antibiotics. If the cause of the illness was a metabolic disturbance, the patient will have to undergo treatment at the endocrinologist, and also consult a dietitian who will help you to lose weight, i.e. to remove the additional load from the joints.

To stop the inflammatory process in the joints, treatment is a special steroid and not steroid drugs. Steroid tools are introduced inside a joint.

An important stage is the restoration of the cartilage of the joints. Here are various medication is chondroprotector, as well as a balanced diet, in which emphasis is on vegetables, fruits and such fish as herring and salmon — in a word, all foods rich in vitamins E, D and antioxidants.

Also attention is paid to the health of blood vessels and nervous system. To improve the patient's normal sleep patterns, relieve pain, should take sleeping pills and painkillers.

For local anesthesia of the joints, relieve inflammation is often recommended to use the ointment. In addition, there is a warming of the joints ointment which is used before a massage, and a restorative ointment.

Great effect in the treatment helps to achieve the massage, physiotherapy and special exercises for the fingers.

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In complicated cases, surgical treatment: painful joints are replaced with prostheses.

Features of massage for arthritis

Before independently carrying out the massage, you should warm up your fingers and tap them on a hard surface. The brush and the fingers should be completely relaxed. Then his hands intensely rubbing with the thumb, ensuring the flow of blood to the tissues.

Arthritis are advised to perform passive massage, where the rotational motion, starting from the thumb and ending with the little finger, carried out with the help of the other hand, while massaging the arm should stay in a relaxed state. Daily self-massage is useful, but it will not be as effective as a massage carried out by a professional.

Prevention of the disease

Prevention of arthritis of the fingers, especially when there is a predisposition eliminates the long and difficult period of treatment of this disease.

The first thing you should pay attention to is food, because it is a violation of metabolism, the lack of a balanced diet so disastrous impact on the integrity of not only cartilage, but also the health of the whole person. The consumption of sugar and salt should be restricted and alcohol and tobacco refuse at all.

Fair treatment of all infectious diseases, daily physical activity, warm-up, stretching, regular massage, which provides blood flow to the cartilage tissues and their enrichment with oxygen is also important in preventing arthritis.

Time to detect and cure arthritis fingers much easier if people used to monitor their health., a checkup as soon as you feel ill. And, of course, do not forget that therapeutic massage, daily exercise and proper nutrition are the main methods of prevention of arthritis.