Prevention of arthritis: tips rheumatologist

Causes of arthritis may be different, for the most part they depend on lifestyle, character of labour functions and other reasons.

The causes of this disease are divided into:

  • allergic;
  • traumatic;
  • infectious;
  • dystrophic;
  • rheumatism;
  • jet.

Allergic and traumatic arthritis

Allergic arthritis is a benign inflammation of the joint, which is the body's reaction to a particular allergen. This arthritis is completely reversible. This type of arthritis may be caused by certain food and medicine, and mites. In the treatment of allergies is arthritis. Relapses may occur, but in the case not to be treated, and in contact with the allergen.

Contagione et reactive arthritis

Traumatic arthritis arise as consequences of any injury or in permanent lung injury.

Infectious and reactive arthritis

Infectious arthritis occur due to infection, the virus getting into the body, fungal lesions or parasites. For example, hepatitis B.

Reactive arthritis is inflammation of the joint, which occurred after the transfer of certain infectious diseases such as intestinal, naso pharynx, kidney, as well as conjunctivitis and uveitis de.

Of degenerative rheumatoid arthritis

Degenerative arthritis occur in degenerative change in the composition of the joint, the Cause of this arthritis are: lack of vitamins, metabolic disorders, hypothermia, low mobility, or, conversely, excessive physical stress.

Rheumatoid arthritis is characterized by systemic chronic form of the disease nota textus structures. In this case, affects the small joints. Susceptible to this disease people whose work is connected with constant stress on certain groups of joints.

How to treat arthritis?

When the diagnosis and treatment of certain arthritis used anti-inflammatory drugs, like pills and injections or system, massages, drugs with regenerative and antispasmodic effect and b vitamins. Apply warming and analgesic ointments. And carry out total joint replacement.

As a rule, medicines aimed at the treatment of the joints affecting the stomach. Often first treat ulcers, gastritis, reflux, and after – arthritis and arthrosis. Also with medical treatment of joints, prescribe medications to protect the stomach lining from burns and inflammation.

After the treatment requires prevention of arthritis for normal functioning and prevention of relapse.

General preventive measures

Prevention of arthritis and osteoarthritis is especially important for those who are at risk by their lifestyle, their work, diet. And those people who have already suffered from this disease and do not want a repetition of the events.

Prevention of arthritis of the joints is in such events:

Quam ut tracta arthritis
  • Minimization, and it is better to avoid the overcooling of the joints.
  • Wearing comfortable shoes, if there is a predisposition to these diseases, better use of orthopedic shoes or insoles. High heels is better to exclude.
  • All the doctors say that in a sitting position you can't cross your legs. And rightly so. The crossing leads to congestion and immobility of the joints.
  • Excessive weight can also lead to inflammation of the joints. You must follow him.
  • Prevention of arthritis is a healthy day: sleep, rest, work, everything must be in moderation.
  • Proper nutrition. More foods containing b vitamins. It is known that this vitamin is not possible to save a "reserve", once in the body, it immediately begins to be depleted. More food that contain fiber. As well as people with predisposition to these diseases need to eat more oily fish (cod, DCW, trout).
  • Drink more water, simple clean water. At least three liters a day. Often diseases are caused by a lack of fluid in the body (salt, inflammation, and thrombosis). Water is life!
  • Moderate exercise. For people leading a sedentary and inactive lifestyle – exercises, which should find a specialist.
  • And the last rule – all diseases of the nerves. It is therefore necessary to minimize the stress.

Preventive measures reactive arthritis

Prevention of reactive arthritis is:

  • First and foremost, in hygiene. This type of arthritis occurs when Salmonella, clostridia, dysentery, and other viruses affecting the digestive tract. If you take in food heat-treated products, the risk of Contracting these diseases is reduced.
  • In the second place, it is necessary to observe the intimate hygiene to protect themselves from sexually transmitted infections (chlamydia, Ureaplasma, and other microorganisms cause disease of the urinary system).
  • Thirdly, proper, balanced nutrition – rich broth, fish rich in omega-3 (trout, tuna, mackerel, halibut), nuts, whole grains, flax seeds, beans, asparagus, parsley. It is also necessary to give up alcohol.
  • And fourth, periodic supervision of doctors.

Preventive measures of rheumatoid arthritis

Prevention of rheumatoid arthritis is in two forms:

  • The first is General prevention, concerning people subject to this disease.
  • The second is a prophylaxis to prevent relapses and exacerbations in people who already suffer one or the Noi form of manifestation of this disease.

The first type of prevention is:

  • In the treatment of any infectious diseases (ranging from acute respiratory infections and to more serious diseases, for example HIV).
  • Rehabilitation of any inflammation (treatment of tooth decay, sore throat).
  • In strengthening the immune system – the body's defenses.
  • In a healthy lifestyle (nutrition, sleep, work, recreation, physical culture, gymnastics, avoiding alcohol and Smoking).

A second type of prevention is presented in:

  1. The intake of anti-inflammatory medications and injections aimed at restoring joint fluid and cartilage. It is also necessary not to forget about vitamin complexes, as in tablets and injection.
  2. Gymnastic activities that need to pick up specialist. In addition to gymnastics for the prevention of rheumatoid arthritis used Cycling, walking, swimming. However, before using one or another method of prevention is necessary to consult with a specialist doctor – a rheumatologist.
  3. Diet food (fruits, berries, omega-3 fatty acids).
  4. Also to prevent this ailment you can use compresses of bile pharmacy preserved. To do this, take the gauze or cotton cloth well moistened with bile, to impose on the sore spot and create a vacuum with the aid of the parchment. Ideally, this pack must leave for a day, periodically wetting it bile, as it dries. But you can use it for 8-10 hours. By the way, this method is used not only as a prevention of rheumatoid arthritis and in the treatment of arthritis and arthrosis at early stages.
Modica exercitatio

Preventive measures of arthritis of the hands

Arthritis of the hands and fingers – this disease, which is found in every seventh inhabitant of the planet, and women are five times more likely to suffer this disease. To the question "why women?", and because they often do any work (cooking, sewing, computer work, etc.).

Arthritis in these joints is shown as follows:

  • Pain in the fingers and hands for habitual action (pain accompanied by burning, tingling and tugging sensation occurs).
  • Joint pain before change of weather, changes in atmospheric pressure, with eclipses.
  • Stiffness of hands, especially after waking up.
  • The skin around the affected joint becomes red, hot and swelling.
  • Observed symmetric defeat of joints.
  • When moving the hands and fingers, heard the creaking, but not as as simple snapping.
  • Fatigue, irritability, weakness.
  • Generally, arthritis of the hands and fingers is not very pleasant phenomenon at any stage (there are 4 stages), and if the disease is run, and is not treated, it is possible to get disability and stop myself to serve.

And to avoid these unpleasant consequences, it is necessary to prevent arthritis hand:

  • Any infection in the body needs to be treated before the end.
  • Vitamin-mineral complexes, designed to power the joints the necessary nutrients to the full.
  • The occupation of sports exercises, which must individually select the doctor.
  • Strengthening the immune system, the body's ability to fight viruses.
  • Keeping the weight in adequate condition (this applies to big and missing weight).
  • Prevention of arthritis is not possible without vitamin diet, rich in vitamins "C", "D", Calcium. Mandatory consumption of fruits, vegetables, fish, nuts.

In conclusion

Arthritis is quite broad disease on our planet. As became clear, it occurs primarily due to inflammation. Therefore, the main prevention is the timely treatment of any viral or infectious diseases. Ill times ill two, three, four... Suffered illness on his feet, not treated or not properly treated... And then with age comes that is such sad consequences as arthritis and arthrosis. Treat they have a long, hard and not always possible to cope with the disease until the end, very often it goes chronic. And it's constantly aching pain in the joints, then pull, that ache, that the weather hurts. Sometimes this disease leads to disability and self-service.

Prevention and treatment of arthritis should go on the prescription, it is better if it will be a rheumatologist and under his supervision. However, you must always remember – the rescue of drowning the handiwork of drowning. While the man did not want to be healthy and start to live a healthy lifestyle, eat right, balance their life with adequate exercise, healthy it will not. Prevention of arthritis is the key to a long and painless life.